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Thursday, October 30, 2008

oh my~ the day seems so long~!! i had finished my biology paper 3.. which turned out to be quite ok.. better than what i expect.. i hope i can get a good result for that..

the most kek dao thing is that.. our paper IS REALLY SIMILAR with biology paper 3 set 32.. i wasn't alert enough to study that paper.. but thank God.. rebebcca did let me see it the day before and Mr Siva (my bio teacher) explain everything for us~ so i think i still can manage it~

maths today~! P6~~!! hope i can do well too~

this is just a short updates~

oh yea~!!! i am really thankful for those who wish me good luck and pray foe me yesterday~ i am SERIOUSLY nervous with the prac.. i also don't know y.. my friends are really great.. they supported me all the way~ hahah.. althou it's just a lil action but it means a lot to me~!!



i love u all~!!!

p/s: 19 more days till exams finish~ sigh~
; 5:48 PM

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

hello~!!! ssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy again~!!

short updates~ hahahaha..

- this is my 100th post~ hahha.. cant believe the lazy Grace can make all the way here.. hahahaha..

- I am really busy and stress at the moment~ AS exams are killing me~!! especially bio papers~!! pls pray for me~!! hahahaha..

- i legallly 18 now~ i am very happy with what i have now~ i thank God for thaT~ hahaha.. thanks to those who greet me, either u call, msged or whatever ways~ hahahaha.. thanks.. i know u all care~!! hahaha.. greetings from all over the world~ hahaha.. is that great?? i think so.. nt really over the world la.. malaysia, singapore, australia and united kingdom.. does that count?? hahahahahaha..

- I am going SINGAPORE~!! hahahaha.. in december~ haha.. gonna shop shop shop shop~ and meet my dear SUSAN~!! HAHAHA.. as what the oldies had said.. " xian ku hou tian" study hard for now thn enjoy later~!! hahahaha..

- i want to go on diet~!! can anyone tell me what to do?? i still wanna eat bt i want to get skinny~!! greedy rite?? bt that;s me~ hahahahaha..

- i hope 19th of nov come really fast~ then that is the end of the exams torture~!!

- ppl are movin to katok~!! i felt really sad for that.. u just start to be friends with everyone thn they gonna leave u soon~ SAD~!! especially winnie, lynn and chia yuin lor~!! miss u girls so much le~!!

- stressing with my future.. nt really stress la.. just have headache where to go and which uni to study~ hahahahaha..

- nt going to start learning driving first~ see how it goes la~ later ppl ask me to be driver~ HAHAHAHAHA..

- hmmmm.. winnie, lynn and jia are finding owners for their cats.. haha.. i hope those with kind heart and gt ai xin de ppl can go and adopt them.. hahahaha.. i am kind enough to advertise for them.. hahahaha.. i HATE animals~!! hahaha.. so gali ah~ bt.. the pics that winnie took are way too cute liao.. so i kasian them la~ hahahahahaha.. so go to my blog links there and find winnie and pinjia for more info~ hahahahah.. * my hairs are standing now* hahaha..


and i love u all~!! hahahaha..

hope i can updates soon~!!

pray for me oh~!!

loves and hugs

God bless~

p/s: please teach me how to get slim~!! thanks~!! tag pls~!!! hahaha..
; 5:47 AM

Friday, October 17, 2008


Today is the last day of being 17 for me..~ well.. out of the sudden , I have so much to say.. I feel sad and as well scare and nervous for being 18.. sad bcoz another year had pass by and I am growing up.. scare bcoz there is so much to do for the future.. and I dunno what is my future is.. nervous bcoz I am almost independent.. I shud do things myself.. I am scare that I will make mistakes when making decisions~!! Well.. I am gald that I could drive soon~! Hahah.. and I can watch movies that stated u shud watch above 18~ hahahahahaha..

I have so much in my mind now..
So I think this will be a long post.. so read it slowly.. hahaha…

18years ago~
- I was created by God to be born in wong’s family and I am their first daughter~
- I came to the earth nakedly and know nothing about this colourful world
- The first word I say is “ aaaaaaa”
- I start to walk after I cut my first birthday cake~ hahaha..

Thn slowly I grew up.. hahaha.. from porridge I start to eat rice.. my parents brought me to church and there become my second home.. and of coz I started to go school.. SCHOOL is the best thing I love in my life~ there.. I met a lot of friends and friends who become my best friends now.. and teachers who give me a lot of influence and love and of coz guidance.. who change my view of point towards this world.. and of coz I have A LOT of memories.. sweet memories~!! Hahaha.. and of coz crushes to see in school.. hahahaha..

Thank God for creating me and putting in a family that is loving and “xin fu” hahaha.. and from there I can get to know You..

Thank you to my parents who guide me and advice me and treat me like their best friend and tell me their secrets and of coz I tell them mine too.. hahah.. althou we argue at stuffs sometimes, like my father who likes to snatch chocolate with me~!! And “compliment” me for being so fat~ so he can finish all the nice food~ hahaha.. thank you, daddy~ and mummy.. she is like my “ dustbin” where I throw out every of my secrets.. hahahahaha.. I love both of them so much~!!!!

There are a lot of ppl who assist me to grow up.. I can’t name all.. and I dunno how to express it out with words.. hahahahaha.. of coz there are my parents, 1990’s (friends since in young ), B-Gang + Winnie and Jane, form 5 (2007) , church Friends, and a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot~

During these 18 years. I can say I grew up a lot physically and mentally.. to become more mature.. to laugh a lot, to cry a lot, to have fun.. to become more vain.. to gain more friends.. and of coz many things happened in these 18 years.. happy, sad, scary, reunion or separation~
Sometimes I really feel glad that I am able to live, able to breath and able to enjoy~!
These 18 years have been a really sweet memories for me..


For the future.. I really wish I have a bright future.. hahah.. of coz I will have one.. hahahaha.. well.. when it comes to choosing uni in which country it’s a big headache for the whole family~ I can see from the look from my dad’s face.. the worry line on my mum’s face.. time really flies~!! Sigh~ study hard for now and I can enjoy life when I gt good results~!!

Being 18~
- I want to be a good girl/daughter
- I want to be loyal to my friends and I love them always
- I want to study hard and get in a good uni~!
- I have wanted for a “thing”.. ( hope I can get this for my present) hahahahaha…
- I want to learn how to drive soon~!!
- Love God more~!!
- to be a good influence to my friends..
- To have more wisdom~!!
- No more being lazy~!!
- To be prettier~ hahahahaha.. this is a dream for all girls.. hahaha..

I think these are the things I want to have~ when the clock strikes 12 tonight.. I will have everything I wish~ hahahahaha.. “ I wish” hahahaha

Hope tomorrow will be really memorable and fun.. hahahaha.. I wont be celebrating coz having exams.. hahaha.. bt still.. gonna celebrate with family thou.. hahahahaha..

I am growing up~!!!

Loves and hugs

Thanks to those who walk into my life and leave ur footsteps behind~!! I really appreciate it~!!

p/s: due to the slow connection in loading the pictures.. there are a lot no post up.. will post up next time, hopefully~!!! sorry~!
; 7:25 PM

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I am indeed honoured to have been tagged by rUEyhwA~!! . hahahaha.. haven seen her in ages thn suddenly she appeared in my blog~ hahahaha.. will link u soon my dear~!! So here are the rules!
1. If you’ve been tagged, you can put the logo on your blog.
2. Link the person from whom you received the award.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs you’ve nominated.
Hope that the award will not stop until here.There are so many blog I love I do not know where to begin. Anyway I would like to nominate:
1. Susan
2. Judy
3. Pin Jia
4. Winnie
5. Karen
6. Jasmine
7. Jane
hmmmmm.. upper sixth had their last day of school yesterday~!! so sad~! wont be seeing them a lot liao.. and AS coming in 5 days time~!! haven finish my revision~!! hahahahahaha.. so gtg liao.. see u all~!! tata~!!
loves and hugz
; 5:59 PM

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Back to blog again~!!

today.. i am going to tell u guys a very stupid and funny incident happened in my english class.. hahaha.. well.. as u all know.. i have crystal, mark and ah chai in my english class.. 4 of us always do things together.. and of coz kiasu together la~! hahahaha.. today.. our teacher wants to see us individually to talk about how we perform in our end year exam so she gave us work to do so that we wont be noisy~ * this always doesn't work for us.. we just chit chat all the way till the bell rings..* we can talk from studies to world matters thn to our future such as how many babies we want and bla bla bla bla~

hmmmmm.. how does it start ah.. oh yea.. we were comparing our results for these end year exams.. then

Chai: i don't know y am i taking chemistry lo.. it's like wasting my time nia.. if i wanna be a civil engineer thn i just need physics and maths.. no need to take chemistry la.. i dun want to care abt chemistry liao.. give up~

crystal: it's too late to regret liao.. since u have already study for a year..

chai: civil engineer gt diff kind one la.. like build houses de, build road de, build bridges de and etc..

Us: ooooohhh...

Chai: i want to be build bridges de.. so cool.. thn i am going to design my own bridge with my face there..


Chai: it will be really cool.........

and he starts to explain all those details.. haha.. and we r laughing at it..~! seriously.. the bridge is really weird.. how to say.. see the picture first..

it's chai holding the road.. and the wires are suspend from his hair and stabilize the bridge.. think think.. who will want to cross this bridge oh?? hahaha.. nt me~!!

mark is really excited so he draw it.. we plan to use photoshop to put chai's head on the pic.. bt we are too lazy to bother.. hahaha.. so mark just sketch it.. thru imagination~!!

Chai: all my reputation will be gone after u blog abt this...

Grace: hahaha.. who cares... it's funny~!

*while mark is drawing*

Grace: eh chai.. do u have more new songs in ur phone? i want it..

Chai: my phone rosak liao.. bt i brought my memory card with me.. u want?

Grace: hahaha.. i dun want la.. next time la..

Crystal: give me.. i want to look at wat songs u have..

Chai: bah..


He was like "OH S**T" hahahahahaha.. bcoz he cannot take out the memory card~!! hahaha..

He tried to shake it out, pull it out by using stapler clip , and use all kind of ways.. he is really worried that time.. he even desperate till ask ppl whether they have long fingernails~!!! hahahaha..

*after 10 mins*

He was still trying.. after that crystal took it over .. i shud say girl is more gentle and more patience then boy.. in a while.. she took out the memory card liao.. and chai was really relieved abt it~ hahahahaha..

*mark thn finish his sketching*

chai has the mood to name it and sign it on the masterpiece~!! hahahahahahaha.. and there goes the bells... hahahahaha..

hahahahahaha.. that's all.. so stupid ah~ gonna go eat my maths book already~!! one more weeeeeeeeekkkkkk~!! hahahahahaha..
love u guys~!! take care..
loves and hugz

HAHAHAHA.. 1990'S ONLY LEFT ME 17NIA~!! muahahahahahahahha...

; 4:37 AM

Monday, October 6, 2008


yea yea yea.. school starts today~
starting the days of
- washing school uniforms.. (i hate this~!)
- wearing tudong~ ( dun like it coz it will spoil my just straighten hair~)
- waking up at 615am~ ( totally dislike this)
- homeworks plus more revisions going~!!

it's monday blues~!
well, i woke up quite early today bcoz i am kinda excited for school.. after weeks and weeks of waiting for my results of my end year exams.. FINALLY~ i got it today..

I am really glad to see all my school friends and friends again~ and of coz my teachers too~!! hahahaha.. and of coz " " too.. well.. " " is still the same~ i think he looks more cute now than last time.. hahahahaha.. was happy to see " "~!!

hmmmmm.. every subjects improved except for my BIOLOGY~!! sshhhheeeesshhh....

grades are not graded yet.. bt i think other than my bio.. i think others were quite alright.. not to mention there are a lot of careless mistakes~!!

9more days to my AS LEVEL~!!!
maths(p1) first.. i think i am quite ready for that.. coz i score a nearly full mark for it at this end year exam~ wahahahahhahaa...

and my bio exams is POSTPONE~!! haha.. a big relieved~ phew.. gt this good news this morning~ hahaha.. meaning more time to study~!!

i hope tml wil be another nice day~ i need to go for my revision liao~!! ciao~! hahaha.. take care all~!! and love u all~!! holidays over.. so we need to wrk more harder~!! AZA AZA FIGHTING~!!

loves and hugs

God bless~!!!

; 3:33 AM

Friday, October 3, 2008

reality is really cruel~
bt sometimes we really " shen zai fu zhong bu zhi fu" *meaning din realised the blessings* so kasian those ppl..

*think think* every holiday or weekends we go out lim teh.. shopping.. buy stuffs without thinking.. i feel really ashamed myself.. use money like use tissue papers like that.. hahahahahaha.. hope i learn my lessons~

Be thankful~!!
LOve u all~!
God bless~!
Love the trees~!
Love the oceans~!
Love PURPLE~!!
lOVE THE wOrLd~!
; 10:00 PM

*kill kill*
dun feel that happy these few days..
it's those moody days again~
will receive bombs on monday~
pls pray that i can survive thru it~!!
take care~!!
love u all~!
God bless~
; 3:21 AM


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