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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

hey u all~! this month.. nop.. to be specific.. this first term holiday.. everybody seems so moody~ including me~ maybe when u r busy.. u wont think that much.. but when u r so free.. u will start to think stuffs then become a stupid big EMO~!! lots of negative things come out~ well.. judy is one of them.. i am not that serious~ haha.. i juz feel bored then become lazy~ maybe is the weather who is doing all these crazy things.. lots of hw waiting for me to finish~ but there is too much temptations for me to overcome~! firstly~ the korean series~!! COFFEE PRINCE~!! finally i finish watching~! haha.. then here comes the computer~!! haiz~~ a lot to study.. not to mention.. i have the youth EE exam coming out this fri~ oh man~! shud shut myself in the room without any of these things~!!

mummy is not at home these few days.. so we r kinda free.. hahaha.. messy room and table~! haha.. shhhh... i did help to cook~ haha.. then clean~ haha.. but mummy is still the best.. home without seems empty~ hahaha.. but no worry.. will see her tml liao~!! coz we all went to miri~!! need to go to my brother's grave.. it's qing ming jie~ so yea.. will blog more abt my bro when it's time~ so yea.. will be back on thurs thou~ haha..

life may have its ups and downs~ it's juz how we overcome and how we face it.. when there is someone with a broken leg.. some ppl may say.. " oooh.. he is so unlucky~.. he cant do stuff on his own.. ke lian~" but some ppl may say.." it's time to rest after a busy life~" or they may say.." i am lucky.. i din break both of my leg~" hahaha.. diff ppl have their own of living in this world.. so wat if u r unlucky~ this is life.. accept it.. u can change it if u want.. coz it is YOU, URSELF.. who is breathing and nt the things arnd u~ remember that.. maybe with this.. ur life will be better.. make use of ur time and try to enjoy~ as uc had said.. try to enjoy the creations of the mighty God~!! smile~!! for the world are still rotating~ today is bad.. but tml will be BETTER~!!

this is all of u~!!

love and care for others~ that will bring more smile to more ppl~!!

if u care for others.. u will feel the love going arnd.. when u r doing a good deeds.. dun think abt that that person is going to pay u back~ do it willingly~!! okie~
that's all for today~
i need to do my hw~!! hahhahaha.. take care all~!! hope our moody holiday will be over soon`!!

loves and hugz
; 4:56 AM

Saturday, March 22, 2008

hahahaha.. extremely tired today~!!! oh my~! yesterday i went back to chms to play netball~ it was tiring.. coz i haven been playing for a long time~! hahaha.. then today when i woke up, i felt pain~!! then in the noon.. play netball again~ like crazy man~ hahaha.. everyone except the AE(SENIORS) went crazy.. it was fun.. coz we dunno each other's names so we juz like shout~!! haha.. all kind of noise we made~ i play GK, GD, GA and WA~ change change la~ and at the same time i am the referee.. the lagging referee~ Fidah is the alert one~hahaha.. i was like really exhausted in the end.. then ben lai i tumpang mable's car.. but who knows her car haven arrived yet then becky wanna go church liao.. so we walked.. from IBB there back to my house.. i was relly tired liao.. but then my daddy called.. says bring us to lim teh~ so i quickly bath then go lim teh althou i felt really tired liao~ hahaha.. so tan chi~

miss the times we played zone~!! hahaha.. this is the pic where me, susan and qilah become so vain in da bus~ hahaha..

it's good friday yesterday and easter day tml~!! hahaha.. was performin in church yesterday and as well as tml~ the drama of good friday~ then after performing last nite.. we all go for supper~ 20+ of us.. flooded the sing-u mee restaurant.. stay till 12am then went home~ Isaac had done a great job in acting Jesus.. coz i almost cry~ hahahaha.. it's seems so real~ haha.. keep up the good job and act well tml again`!!

us~ was playing arnd in school~ hahahaha.. judy is on the cross~!! hahahaha...

i tried to finish off my maths hw today~ but it is too much~!!! jia you, Grace... hahaha..

btw~ karen~ the previous post de pics are really classics man~!! and wei~ the location is not at the museum la~ it's in chms meeting room~!! hahahaha.. judy and susan.. the pics are worth millions ah~ both of u say ugly~ bah.. i put a nicer pic out~!! hahahaha.. even lx says it is nice~!!

really tired now~!! need to sleep l iao~ see u guy~SS hahaha... jia you oh~!! and have fun~! take care.. all da best~!

loves and hugz

p/s: susan ah~ u know that day ghee vui came to MD~ then from the back i thought it's u~!! then i almost scream~! hahaha.. but~ i am realistic enough~ then i walk in front to see the face~ CHEH~ it ghee vui~!! BUT i am happy to see her too~!! if only~ hahaha// nvm~!!
; 5:20 AM

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Juz a short post.. thanks to uc for remindin~ I post abt I have no cheek cells that time rite?? Hahaha.. remember?? Ok.. if u dun~nvm~ hahha.. I did found my cheek cells in the end with the help of my bio teacher~ the main reason that I can’t find it is because I pour too much methylene blue on it~ then it’s like everything blue liao lor.. hahaha.. scare me ah~ I really thought I am not normal~ hahha..

Btw~ term break starts from today~!! Yea~!! So happy… BUT~ our teachers r nice enough to give us so so so so so so many homeworks~! They r too nice liao~! Hahaha..

Take care u all~!! Jia you~!!

Loves and hugz

p/s: hahahaha.. susan.. u laughed too loud then afterward kena catch by the teacher ah~ hahaha… not my fault oh~!

Actually.. this post is supposed to be short.. but then.. just now I browsed thru Karen’s blog.. and saw that.. today is B-Gang’s birthday~!!! And being a member in the gang.. I dun even know this~!! Hahahaha.. sad rite?? But better late than never~! (taught by my bio teacher) hahaha..


Wish us, sisters, always be together and no matter sad or happy~!! Wish us, to live life to the fullest~!! Wish us all da best in everything we do~!!

For those who dunno b-gang.. let me do a brief intro~
It all started when…

Me, Grace, wanted to go to the library and they all heard until the word:” Rideberry” , and thus, it was the birth of the Berry Girls~! We start making names that ends with the word “berry” and soon, a slambook was made for us to share secrets with each other. Although sometimes we fight among with each other, we will forever remain as BEST FRIENDS AND BEST SISTERS~!!

Motto: ::~~:: - you fu tong xiang you nan tong dang - ::~~::
SusaN(eldest) ( raspberry)-> Born in 23 of Sept, 1990.. Libra.. -- Like to kek ppl.. (alot~) haha... smart... has a very big, thin but stylish fringe.. very good dancer, (our dancing queen~) quite talented.. VERY PRETTY~! In singapore now~! Da jie~ she is the one who protects us~!

Nelly(2nd) (aussieberry) -> Born in 25 of Sept, 1990.. Libra.. -- malu malu one.. wat she think she would say out one..the most hardworking among us... the coolest one n the funniest one..holds an Australian PR, [yep.. she's the satt one that studies in Melbourne]

Grace(3rd) (rideberry@loveberry)-> Born in 19 of Oct, 1990.. Libra..-- super tall!! like to angkat bakul..good in studies..very responsible..loving and caring..pretty and kind and friendly...stu.. childish too.. netball school team~ In MD now~

Pin Jia(4th) (gummiberry)-> Born in 21 of Oct, 1990.. Libra.. -- sporty.. sumtimes ganas eh.. haha..but her temper improve alot liaw... hahah... XD ... bball school team... (wow~) musically talented... very good mathematician.. lolx... pretty~ In MD now~

Eelynn(5th) (blueberry)-> Born in 20 of November, 1990.. Scorpio.. -- sart!! cool!! same like da jie da.. pwetty.. she got a very sweet voice... likes hip-hop dance, very talented in music, dancing, giggle non-stop... crazy... =p In MD now~

JuDY(6th) (thornberry)-> Born in 17 of December, 1990.. Sagittarius.. -- Manja.. lagging..very dramatic...always think of the bad side... dun kacau her when she is angry... especially when she angry without a reason..=p pretty and cute~!! And so childish~!! Hahaha.. .. Maybe go to UBD~

KareN(youngest) (strawberry)-> Born in 12 of March, 1991.. Pisces.. -- wow.. she's tall too.. fair.. she dun accept ppl's compliment de.. sometimes la..quite gd in english.. likes music very much.. VERY CUTE~!! In JIS now~ talented~!!

::**::**:: [ 7 Is 7, nO mOrE, No LeSs ] ::**::**::

from the left~ me, lynn, susan, nelly, judy ,jia, karen~

see.. i sacrifice ah~ i closed my eyes in da pic~ but i onli have this pic with everyone in it~!! hahahaha..


i am proud to have u all~!! and let's us be together always~!! we used to dream a lot~ hahaha.. but it's good to dream~ very ambitious~!! hahaha.. jia you oh~!! we can't celebrate together~!! sad~!! nvm~! it's the heart that counts~! hahahaha.. love u all~!!! hugz~!! muackz~!!
; 2:07 AM

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

sniff sniff.. my buddy left today~!! Elena left today to Taylor College, KL~ for?? studies lo~ sad~ we din send her off coz she fly from miri~ we r really close since last year.. hmmm.. i mean the year b4 tooo... i mean we talk b4 that too.. but not that close la.. then in form 4 and 5 we r in da same class then netball again.. so become close liao.. then tuition together again~ hahaha.. my competitor and buddy.. both at a same time~ she gets the name "buddy" bcoz choo yee started it~ hahaha.. it sounds so nice so i call her that too lor~ all da best to u, ELENA~!! jia you oh~!! now collie is happy.. haha..

i went to the interview today~!!! went well.. i answer every questions honestly~ oh yea.. a funny thing happened~ it's like this.. there is a form u need to fill in if u wanna to be a prefect and u need ur parents' signature.. hahaha.. i filled in the form then i left it on my father's table.. hahaha.. then when i woke up in the morn.. i found out that the form had been signed.. so i thought my daddy agreed me being a prefect.. so i juz asked my mummy for permission.. she said it's up to me.. juz dun let my grades drop( typical mum) . ok.. after that i passed up my form lliao lor~ then the nite b4 yesterday.. i was talking to daddy,

me: daddy.. tml i wanna go for prefects interview.. can u help me to take out all my certs.. i wanna do my cv~
daddy: u want to be a prefect?? since when?? prefect very mafan one~!!
me: ha~ i thought u know already.. then u signed liao..
daddy: that paper ah?? oh i juz accidentally sign it~ and u din explain to me~
me: wat?? but i passed up liao~ and i thought u read it liao ma~

okie.. the conversation was kinda funny to the end.. ACCIDENTALLY sign it?? hahhaha.. can't believe him~ then he said.. if the prefects asked me y i wanna be a prefect.. then i shud reply.. coz my daddy accidentally sign the form~ so hillarious~ hahaha.. he did wish me luck for the interview this morning~ thank you, daddy~!!

schhool is still the same~ bio teacher is really lame.. the jokes he said in da class.. it was like so lame but funny at the same time.. and i really enjoyed bio class in MD~ for the first time in my bio life~ hahahaaha... but things get more complicated liao~ last time, we just learn cell membrane then nucleus then cytoplasm for the animal cell.. now~ wat golgi apparatus then lysosomes.. haiyah.. many weird weird de terms la~ but make u look so pro~ wahahaha..

hhmmm.. i think i shud take some pics of my new friends in school.. so u know who they are.. maybe not all.. but some la~ will try~ but term break gonna starts soon~ see first la~!!

i think this term break will be a studying holiday~ and homework holiday~ so kasian la~! tests right after term break...~!! goonnnaa take AS paper this year.. hmmm.. wat else?? beach party this sunday?? dunno i can go or not~ hahaha.. then netball this fri and sat~ sometimes.. i really dunno which to choose~ then performances in church on thurs, fri and sun~.. hahaha.. abyway.. when the time come.. then i choose again~

oh yea.. susan.. do u still remember the dream we used to dream?? both of us open a studio~ u teach dancing.. i teach piano~ hahaha.. maybe shud think abt it~ hahahaha.. Grace & Susan's Studio~ HAHAHA... hmmmm.. a long way to go~!!!

i think that's all~! will blog more during the holiday~ i hope~!! jia you oh~!! take care..

p/s: thank you to susan, judy and seng wei... u all make me feel so sweet.. it's great to know that u r being support~! will think abt it~!!

comment time~!
who will decide ur future?? u?? ur friends?? or ur parents?? or me?? hahahaha..

loves and hugz

take care~!!
; 5:08 AM

Monday, March 17, 2008

Hey~ sorry for no posts for the past few days.. life have been more packed than usual.. Endless homework and assignments to do.. book to read.. church activities.. so yea.. it’s been a busy week.. hope u guys understand~ hehehe.. and nelly.. if I disappeared someday, muz come cari me.. hahaha..

Okie.. for the crime questions.. actually there are answers for that.. this is wat my teacher’s answer.. for 1) and 2).. they are no crime.. it’s just the problem of the moral.. u won’t get caught if u like pay less without letting the cashier know.. but if u r honest enough.. u will pay back the $5 dollar even u r out of the store... again.. moral issues..
For 2) if u r a homo.. the police wont catch u too.. unless u r in Brunei.. but if u r in Thailand or America.. who will care abt it.. As for 3) yes.. it is a crime.. coz u know it is wrong to shoplift then u saw wat happened liao then u din tell the police.. u r juz like an accomplice.. assist someone to do crime~

In conclusions, I think the world r going upside down liao.. almost everything is in the grey area.. there is no distinct color like black or white.. sad~

I watched “ The Click” on Saturday nite.. it’s my first time to watch everything.. well.. I cried~ it was really touching.. for those who haven watch yet.. it is advisable to be watched.. I learnt that.. when we live in this world.. we really must enjoy every minute we have.. we shudn’t waste our time.. or make it goes fast forward.. if u make it goes fast.. wat had left with u in the end?? Regret?? so wat if ur life is terrible, or down in the dump.. enjoy it.. everything have it bright side, right? Difficulties or unfairness may be a blessing in disguise~ they will make u grow and learn more~ and will make ur life more exciting~

Sometimes I think I do stuffs too fast.. it’s time for me to slow down.. and enjoy~! It’s a lesson for me to learn~

School is still fun~! Hahaha.. learn some bahasa Brunei from my malay friends.. at least I can understand some words from their conversation.. hahaha.. I rent a locker liao~!!! It is big and new~ wahahha.. share with supatra~ then everyday no need to carry 5 files and books arnd liao…~!! Hmmmm.. wat more.. holiday gonna starts soon~! Meaning.. can get more sleep liao... and oh yea~ the interview~ actually I am planning togo today~ but the prefects are not there.. so yea.. tml la~ wish me luck and pray for me.. I just wanna try~

Hmmmm.. comment time~ shud I continue my diploma in piano??? Very fan ah~ hmmm.. give me opinions~ thanks~!!

Wish u all the best and live life to the fullest~!! Take care and jia you~!!

Loves and hugz

p/s: to those who left.. Nelly, Susan and Jane~ miss u all~!! Hugz~!!! Come back soon~!
; 2:10 AM

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

hahahaha.. hello again~ juz came back from school.. i stayed till so late coz i attend the piano club meeting~~ i thought the club was supposed to be cool and like u grouped the advanced and the beginner in their respective group.. but who knows.. it turned out that.. they r teaching them how to PLAY piano, read notes and all those.. and the tutor is like self learning one.. he din go for music lessons.. wat?? hahaha.. i was like really disappointed.. hahaha.. i signed up and quit on the same day~ am going to join ying hee and jovita in their herbology club~ hahhaha..

anyways~ hahahaha... i din went for the prefect interview today~ not ready yet~ hahaha.. the disciplin master was like telling me to think twice.. coz since i have no PS( free period) and 5 subjects to handle.. and being a prefect meaning more responsibilities~ hahaha.. he is so nice~~ hahaha.. but.. i juz want my testimonial to look good~haha.. althou mable said that prefect of ECA is a bad choice but nvm.. give it a try~ hahahaha.. wish me luck for the interview~!!

ok... today in general paper class.. we were like discussing abt crime and punishment~ hahaha.. it was really confusing and complicated~ maybe my point of view and the others were not the same.. okie.. these are some of the questions:

1) Laurel leaves a store with change for a $10 bill after she realizes she gave the cashier a $5 bill.
2) Tom and Jerry are two homosexuals who live together as though they were married.
3) Vince observes his best friend shoplifting but does not turn him in.

ok~ these 3 questions make me so confused.. if u were me.. which one will u say that is a crime~ and y??? for me.. i think the 3 statements above r all crime~ hahaha.. u do something wrong then it's crime isn't? i know for 1) it is more on moral issues la~ but still.. a crime~

i dunno la~ comment on wat u think in the tagbox~ thanks..

hmmmmm.. homework everyday makes me headache~!! gtg~ need to sleep for a while~! all da best to u all~!!

loves and hugz
; 1:26 AM

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Omg~! I dun have cheek cells~!! Juz now I was doing the bio practical.. it’s the one u need to remove some cheeks cell from ur mouth.. then u use the microscope to see.. well.. I still can’t see anything~!! Omg~ am I normal?? I am going to try again on Monday~! Hope I am normal~~ hahahahaha…

School is fine and fun~ if compare secondary with college life.. I will prefer.. hmmm.. hard to choose eh.. because.. both of them had their own advantages and disadvantages.. hahaha.. and in college life..u meet more friends~ hahaha.. I was experiencing the same scenario these few days.. ppl come over and say “hi Grace..” but I can’t even recognized them.. all I can say is like” hi”.. it’s not my fault bah.. hahha.. the malays all look quite alike.. heheh.. maybe it takes time~ kinda feel sad for them.. hahah.. but nvm.. I will try hard to remember~

Oh yea.. the purpose I am here today to post is that.. I wanna to tell u guys something~ the sermon on Thursday nite makes me realized that.. the world today is really UGLY~!! And CRUEL~!!
are they cute??? YESH~!! babies are very very very very cute~

well.. according to the statistic in America~ 10000 of babies r being aborted perday~ wat?? they r killing babies~! and those ppl who aborted babies are from the age 13 till 24.. wat r these ppl doing?? killing the innocent one?? aborted babies de pictures are being shown durin the sermon~ i was crying.. coz i felt so sad for the world and the BABIES~ of coz~ i think.. the young ppl today need to think more and look far~ i am remindin u all and of coz myself~ the world are full of temptations~ so be wise~ and be sharp~!! jia you oh~ dun think that these matters r not ur matter..

in conclusions, babies are cute~ love them~!!

btw.. need to go liao.. JIS concert tonite~ hahaha.. i always like jis concert~ it's cool~ for those who knew abt that i almost went to JIS to study~ it's juz bcoz i wanna joing the orchestra~ one of my dreams is to join an orchestra~ so cool~!!! hope my dream will come true someday~ anyway need to go liao~!!

yesh~ netball tml~ with stpri friends.. i mean they r in md now.. hahahaha.. we used to like hate each other.. coz we r playing in da zone~ hahah.. but now.. one piece liao~ hahaha..

take care all.. love u all~!!

loves and hugz
; 12:38 AM

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Grace's advice for everyone~

if you FAIL today~,
REMEMBER tomorrow is a NEW DAY~,
and the most important weapon is to SMILE~!!
God bless~ and take care~!!
loves and hugz
; 2:32 AM

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

hahahaha.. i am here to say something that is really embarassing to me~!! hahaha.. okie it all started like this~

after the lunch break.. i went back to class.. i am havin my maths class then out of the sudden there was song coming out somewhere.. then i think.. y this song sounds so familiar ah?? juz like my ringtone.. then it's like the class so quiet then only the music keep going.. then baru i realised its my phone ringing.. SO PAISEH MAN~!! hahaha.. i din even get to see who is sending the msg, when i off it..~ hahaha.. and u know who is it.. it's my dad~ oh my~! the maths teacher is like" harr.. our class got rules and regulations ah~" i am like" oops, sorry~" hahahaha.. okie.. this is embarassing.. hahaha.. wont forget abt it~

it bring back memories back to when my group in church had a group pressentation.. we had a drama and in the drama, i act the girl who bring phone to church and din turn on silent.. who knows it become a reality in school~ hahahaha.. funny ah~!!

okie anyway/. i still have lots of hw to do.. so blog next time..~!! take care~

loves and hugz

p/s: i just heard that yinglin juz left~ wish her all da best.. althou this news sound so sudden to me~!! hai~ it's life~!
; 4:56 AM

Monday, March 3, 2008

Hey hey hey~!! Hahahaha.. hello~!! These few days seems so busy~ hahaha.. then school starts liao.. and I even had chem test on the first day of school which was really “amusing” hahahaha.. I think I almost forgot everything in chem~ hahaha.. y ppl in science class is so kelian~!!?? We have like bio, chem..then maths hw on the first day~ wat the??? But I managed to finish them off in one day~ good girl le~ it is like the old school days is back~! Hahaha.. and the most funniest thing is that.. I went to the wrong class on the first day~ thank God the Malay girls are nice enough to tell me~

Malay girlL: hi~! U take geo??
Me: huh?? Nop~
Malay girl: but this is a geo class..
Me: *paiseh* hehehe.. thanks for telling..

Then I quickly went away liao~ hahaha.. paiseh ah~ hahaha.. anyway.. since that day.. I see carefully the number of the class then baru I go in~ hahahaha..

My subject teachers was really nice~!! And my physics teacher has the voice same like “ya tou” ( hei se hui mei mei ) hahaha.. very cute~!! Okie~ enough of school`!

I went to an evangelistic night on Friday~ the speakers are 2 handicapped lady~ meaning they can’t walk~ but they have really lovely voice~! They sang.. and I felt very touched~! I realized that even handicapped ppl enjoy their life.. if us, the non handicapped ppl are not enjoying.. shudn’t we feel ashamed..??? I really pei fu them~!! We must live our life to the fullest..~! no matter wat~

Then on sat nite~.. I went to the PWM~ persatuan something Malaysia in ICC to take money~ hahahaha.. yea.. saw a lot of ppl again~ I was like really tired tired that nite.. coz I had a very tiring morning of school then the thing was like ended at 12am~!! So tired~

Oh yea~!! I meet up with my chem Tuition teacher~ hahaha.. ah chuo papa~! Hahahaha.. me and my tuition friends belanja him to eat coz we all take very good results in chem~ hahaha.. thank you~!!! Hahaha..

I think that’s all for today~! I have hw to do~ now only I know y carol and joyce were so xin ku everyday~ hahaha.. managed to sleep for a while juz now.. I think my eye bag will be back soon~ sad~! Hahaha..

TAKE CARE ALL~!! Love you all~ and jia you oh~!!

Loves and hugz
; 1:31 AM


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