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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

okie.. it's been a week since i last update this blog.. i thought i will be more relax after the O' level.. but who knows.. lagi busy.. sigh~ and then the thing is i am sick now.. it comes at the wrong time... eyer~ stupid la.. okie.. let meeeeee update wat had happened since last tues..

21/11(wed)- we practice the graduation dance as a whole.. coz the commerce ppl finish their exams this day.. hahaha.. and me and qilah go run in da rain.. it's like we r small kids.. haahaha.. coz her lor.. wanna go canteen then slow slow again~ hahaha... anyway.. nth much in da morning.. then after practice me and mummy went to kATHY'S saloon.. i straighten my hair.. AGAIN.. my mum perm her hair.. ok la.. the results was not that bad.. but i still prefer the saloon in Sibu.. the price is like so shocking,, hahaha.. my mum was shocked and i am happy.. coz i am not the one paying.. hahaha... then in the night? wat did i do liao ah? oh yea.. i went to church to practice the dance..

22/11(thurs)- it's seng wei's birthday~ hahaha.. early in da morning we have to get to school again.. y?? our class production lor.. we stay in da school until 3.. during the practice.. we did have some disagreements with the boys of the other dance.. well.. i learn that.. everything shud be said calmly.. listen and think.. well.. i think the matter settle l iao.. i think~ and we sang birthday song to seng wei.. and u know wat?? first time our class sing birthday song ON TUNE~ omg~ i was like so happy.. maybe it's really the time which mould our key to blend together.. hahaha.. i dunno wat am i talking abt.. hahaha.. then later at night.. i went to church again.. teenage fellowship~ and oh yea.. lao zhuang came back in da nite.. haha..

23/11 (fri)- last day practice for the grad.. and we rehearse in da hall how to go up the stage then come down.. hahaha.. and i become the board of directors and principall.. it was kind of shuang.. hahaha.. act yi xia also shuang.. hahaha.. then lao zhuang came~!! hahaha.. she is still very pretty and skinny~ hahaha.. she promised us that she will be back for our graduation.. and there she is~! then in the afternoon.. we gather in the dancing room.. to make our costumes.. hahaha.. thanks to suki.. that my costume was done.. haha.. coz i dunno how to do.. but i helped to cut~!! hahaha.. then i went to church again.. i started my san fu this day.. was kinda nervous.. but it was ok~! then in da nite.. the church members practice singing.. haha.. and there goes a day~

24/11 (sat)- GRADUATION DAY~! well.. time really flies~ fly~!! i had been studying in chms for 13 yrs.. met lots of friends there.. learn a lot and there are a lot a lot of sweet memories there~!! hehe.. miss u guys so much~! when i am small.. i always imagine myself graduate.. haha.. today is the real day.. and i feel sad inside my heart.. early in da morn.. our class met again in school.. for last rehearsal.. then checking up on our costumes.. and make sure everything is ready for the night's program.. then i dunno who.. go put some emo songs. then make me wanna cry already... when i am sitting in da dancing room.. i looked arnd.. and think.. when will be the next time.. we will gather together as a class.. and suddenly i found out that.. they are really cute.. althou some make me so angry for the past few days.. they r too naughty~! hahaha.. then oh.. i cut my wrist in da morning.. haha.. like wanna commit suicide.. well.. the scar is still there.. elena is very kind.. she even sponsor me a plaster~! haha.. stupid scissor.. ok.. thn later in the noon.. i try to finish all my letters to my friends.. rush rush rush~ then arnd 5 went school again.. brief them thru the whole program then put our things in da backstage.. then we go out to queue.. the whole program went good.. i mean Great`!! very very nice~ i think that night we was like too busy.. and din even calm ourself down so the feelings cant come out.. well.. when i hug the first teacher.. i think is mdm phang.. ok.. my tears slowly welled my eyes.. then after hugging the teachers.. i did cry a bit.. but when i went to the board of directors..h ahaha.. no more crying.. hahaha.. but feel sad la.. then here come susan.. she ah.. cry till the eye bulging out liao la.. i still can tahan.. but when she go and talk.. i cant tahan liao.. then i hug jia jia.. omg.. cry a while.. i manage to calm down.. the thing that spoil the night is the guys r too " i dunno how to say" anyway.. we have fireworks then we go arnd the new building.. and the thing is we cant use it.. eyer`!! and we keep on taking photos.. here and there.. hahah.. we collect our letters too`!! then balik rumah`! i read the letters till late.. so much to read.. well.. the letters r all sweet and touching~!! thank you so much.. hahaha.. can't help keep smiling when reading.. hahah... really happy~ weell.. now.. i am officially an ex chms student.. how to run the the road in front of me.. i still dunno but i know God is in charge.. trust Him~

i think tis is already a long post.. i post it up first.. i dun have time to continue now.. continue next time.. will be back`! take care everybody`!!

loves and hugz
; 4:37 PM

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

well.. another day.. both of my leg hurts more today~! all bcoz of the dance then so busy also.. no time to rest la.. hahah.. but then fun la.. hahaha.. the dance done liao.. then song also quite ok liao.. hahaha.. 4 more days then i am an ex chms student liao.. hehehe.. so sad~

oh yea.. i received a call today.. haha.. gonna have reunion with my pri 6 classmates.. hahaha.. so happy.. it's on the 4th of dec.. hope i dun have any functions on that day.. *cross my fingers* haha.. cant wait~!!

and NELLY IS COMING BACK~! yoohoo.. hahaha.. then the whole B`gang can have a reunion.. yesh~ hahahaha.. happy also..

was on the phone with karen juz now.. talking abt phones.. well.. really headache ah when think of which phone to choose.. headache...~~~ then talk abt prom again.. hahaha..

haiyah.. today post so luan ah.. say this then that.. anyway.. the most important thing i need to say is HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LYNN LYNN DEAR~ ... HAHAHA..



loves and hugz
; 3:48 AM

Sunday, November 18, 2007

hey everybody~! yup.. i finish my exams liao~ BUT~ there are a lot of rehearsals in church then school going on.. my whole body hurts.. even my kaki now.. haiyoh.. feel like i am an old lady~ hahaha.. i promise to update my blog straight after my exams.. weell.. i think i will be very very very busy till 26th of nov.. so dun blame me la.. hahaha..

last nite.. our class practice our dance.. it was so cool man~ it's like everybody work together.. hahaha.. hope our class production will be a success.. practice makes perfect~!! woooohhh.. i cant loso again liao.. coz i haven finish my letters yet~ so see u guys~

btw.. chms prom nite is on the 26th of nov.. if u guys r interested.. contact me to book the ticket or can find students in chms.. thanks.. all da best to u guys~!

loves and hugz

take care..
; 4:54 PM

Monday, November 5, 2007

was juz browsing thru my pictures.. hahahha.. and see many pics in it.. so much memories.. here is one when we r in ICC.. hahaha.. typical us~! hahaha..

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took tis pic last last week.. i think.. hahaha.. so meaningful ah.. the meaning is.. tis the road to unknown future.. we dunno wat is going to happen but.. along the way.. the trees are still beautiful and green.. nth around us is going to change but is us who is going to change~ we r going to grow up~ grow up each day.. facing new challenges~

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

i think that's all for today~ am suppose to be studying.. but.. hahaha.. too tempted~ hahaha.. jia you for those who r facing exams.. and for Form 5 A.. we still have 5 more days.. (those who din took commerce) hahaha.. take care and God blesss~

loves and hugz
; 1:07 AM


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