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Thursday, May 29, 2008

hey everyone~ back to blog again~!

life is great now~ hmmm.. how to say.. coz i feel very blessed in Brunei.. as Jia had mentioned in her blog.. we really need to appreciate wat we have now.. i LOVE U GUYS~ EVERYONE OF U~! HAHAHAHAHAHA.. love love love love~!!!

i had a sudden urge to blog like jenny.. to list out everyone i love.. hahahhaa.. bt time consuming.. hahahaha.. love love love love love~!!!

hahahaha.. crazy for while~

back~ again.. hmmmm.. time really flies coz it's JUNE~!! think think.. i was bored at home few months ago.. bt now.. activities activities~!! hahahaha.. school starts liao thn now we r having our MPR 2~!! that is so fast~!!

gt my MPR 1 RESULTS.. i gt 2A and 2B.. u all may ask.. what abt the fifth subject?? the ans is my eng teacher is on maternity leave so we dun have our test.. hhahah.. lucky me.. coz others are like getting c or d in their eng.. hahaha..

hmmmmm.. bt i think my MPR 2 wont be that good liao lor.. coz my chem teacher changed liao.. and this is nt a good change if u guys understand~ oh my~!! this is like uni life.. COZ we dun understand wat the teacher is talking abt then we need to study ourself.. i know u guys will say good good good.. bt then this is NOT GOOD~! coz u study urself thn dun understand again wont learn anything.. so pissed off man~!! eyer~!

going to have physics on monday~!! hard hard hard~!! need to study liao~!! oh yea thn tml tf gonna have one day camp in our church.. hahaha.. i need to lead in singspiration~! oh man~! hahaha.. then need to share again.. where is my speech?? HAVEN WRITE YET~!! hahah.. hope that hui yun lao shi din see this.. oops~!

winnie, huizhen gonna join RTB singing competiton~!! hahahaha.. dunno abt that jia.. hahaha.. bt i am going to watch~!! coz daddy hao is singing too~!! hahahaha.. go support~!! ooooohhh.. jia you jia you~!! hahahaha..

hmmmmmm.. wat else.. OH YEA~ brother left us for 2 yrs liao.. and tell u guys oh.. on da morning.. i duno y my tears keep coming and feel very sad.. then later in da nite, we had our family gathering .. my mummy was like asking us whether we know wat the day is.. of coz we know la.. then we shared and talked.. then i asked my mum whether she cried this morning.. and then she said she DID~! hahah.. mother and daughther connection... cool~! we miss u, bro~!! i know we get to see each other someday~!

OKIE~! life is complicated.. when u wannt to stop something... something will happen thn make u think abt it again~ sometimes i think i am too flighty.. hahaha.. shud be more firm~!! hahaha..

nt much liao~ see u guys~!! love school~ i have been in md for almost 3 months.. and it is not as bad as how our seniors had described.. for me la.. hahahaha.. that is a nice place.. with nice friends and teachers then stuffs to do~

see u guys~!! take care oh.. and i LOVE U ALL~!! God bless~ enjoy ur day to the fullest~!! hahahaha.. smile~!!

loves and hugz
; 7:58 PM

Monday, May 26, 2008

hahahaha.. i am happy today~ hahaha.. after 3 days of sleepless nights.. hahha. i am happy today~!! hehehe.. u all know WHY?? bcoz~ i finished my bio exam today~!! hahaha.. oh my~! the notes are like THICK~!! and the words are SMALL~!! HAHAHAHA.. i still survive~ althou the paper is hard bt then who cares now.. wait till the results come out thn baru i go worry~ hahaha.. right after i passed up the paper.. i can't stop smiling.. i think i look like somebody with some mental problems.. hahahahaha.. and i found out i gt careless mistakes~ hahaha.. hope i dun get a lot of marks deducted from there..

ANYWAYS~ thanks to those who text and care and tag to me~really love u all~ hahaha.. do i sound really emo at the last post?? bt thanks anyways.. and i found out lots of ppl read my blog thn din even tag ah~!! hahahha.. u all ah.. now i shud be careful wat i am going to post~!! hahaha.. last few days i was a bit down.. maybe due to the stress thn things happened.. haha.. but now i am ok liao~ happy~

and to the friend i blog last time.. he is ok liao.. althou it's sad.. but he is ok liao~

oh yea~!! the bgang sisters are havin their first online meeting now~ hahah.. so sart man~ sorry susan.. u r nt online now.. bt we will update u~!! and lynn.. too old fashioned liao.. seldom online~!! hahahaha// so long we dun have out meeting liao~ hahahahahaha...

oh yea.. went to winnie's bday party and had lots of fun~!! hahaha.. and " HAVE FUN " with karen and judy in looking for presents~ bt.. after all everything is fun~!! yea~!! hahaha.. coffee bean~!! hahahaha..

hmmm.. wat else.. oh yea~ i wanna go on diet~!! hahahaha.. help me~!! hehehe.. my mum bought the machine that u put arnd ur waist there then it will vibrate.. hahaha.. i use that then my waist feel so numb~!! hahaha..

bah till here~! love u all and take care~!!

loves and hugz

God bless~!!
; 5:46 AM

Thursday, May 22, 2008

guys... this will be a sad post.. so if u dun wanna read.. juz dun read~

many things had happened in a week time.. i know i have nt been bloggin for a long time.. sry for that~!! first of all.. wat had happened to china and myanmar.. earthquake and cyclone.. i really felt sad for them.. i wanna help bt i can't help.. wat can i do?? i am nt rich that can give millions of donation like wat the celebrities r doing.. ppl are dying.. ppl are suffering over there.. especially in myanmar.. i dunno wat is their government thinking.. ppl in that country needs help~!! thn the government are nt letting ppl in to help~ China is like more clever now liao.. coz they publisize the matter.. so that ppl arnd the world can help~ if i get to choose where to help.. i wanna go myanmar.. bcoz they need more help there.. i am praying for those ppl in the disaster area.. God will help them~!! jia you~!!

now.. one of my friends.. which i juz heard the news that his mum died this morning of cancer~ wat?? i was really sad for him.. wat can a 18 yr old boy do?? and his 5 yrs old sisters?? yesterday when i came back from school.. my mummy told me that her mum now in china had only 2 days to live.. my heart sank.. and his daddy is still in Brunei so last nite he flew to china.. to meet up with his wife.. i dunoo whether he gt meet dao his wife or nt la.. bt i hope he did~ can u imagine.. u received the news that ur mum can only live for 2 more days thn u cant even see her again.. u will feel very helpless rite?? i know he still cant accept the fact bt onli God can help him.. take care, boy~ i really want to help u.. bt i dunno how~ after i read his msgs.. i felt even more sadder..

life is like this.. u dun even know wat is going to happen next.. so appreciate wat u have now and friends.. family and things.. but are u ready to face everything if the end of the world come?? well.. i hope u r~

my brother, John, left us for almost 2 yrs liao.. it's juz like yesterday he is still here.. we miss u, bro~! i'll blog abt him if my emotion is stable.. this few days i think a lot of stuffs.. then make me go emo again~ hahaha.. things getting busier and busier.. tests.. assignments thn hw~!! so wont be bloggin for a long time.. so u guys take care.. love u all~!!

have fun and pray hard for the ppl who need help~!!

loves and hugz
; 12:47 AM

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


life is great~ sorry can't blog~! and this is a short post.. coz i am really busy nowadays~! hahaha..

- bball intermd done liao..
- interschool bball starts~
- i am a prefect who is afraid to weat da badge~
- i am too careless liao then din even realised that the test paper is like 2 pages.. thn i get a really low mark for mymaths~!! first time in my life~!!
- my most embarassing moment happened~! oh my`!
- went to the singing competiton in chms~!
- went to support md and chms,bsb juz now~!! and they won~!! great game.. scream till my throat hurts~!!
- a lot of hw~!!
- tests coming again~!!

i think tat's all.. love u all~!!

; 5:11 AM

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

hey everyone~! again~! it's been a week liao~ well.. lots of things happened this week~!leadership courses, bball match, school, hw and church~!! hahahahah.. so yea.. busy again~

oh yea.. i dunno whether this is a good news or nt.. i am chosen to be prefect~ more responsibilities~!! hahaha.. well.. i wasn't that happy at first bcoz i need to attend a one week leadership courses.. and everyday meaning including fri and sun~ thn everyday stay till 430.. hahaha.. really tiring lor.. the leadership courses turn out to be really fun~! hahaha.. met new friends and gain more knowledge~hmmmmm.. we r the tunas bangsa~! hahaha.. tml is the second last day~!since i was given this chance.. so i think i need to do the best of it rite??? hai~ hahaha..

hmmm.. wat did i do for the past few days?? oh yea.. Qeels's party~!! it was great~! omg~! i also wanna have these kind of party when i am 18.. hahahaha.. nt that formal la.. maybe close friends are invited only~ hahahahaha.. birthday coming~!! yea~!! oh yea.. we danced.. bt i din~! hahaha.. wasn't in da mood~ hahaha.. saw prince martin there too.. he is really yen tao~! hahaha.. hahaha pictures were post on winnie's blog.. hahahaha.. it was really great~!!

the inter-md bball match is almost done~! thurs is the finals~! hahaha.. thn interschool bball starts next week~!! at chms~! wat?? hahahaha.. i thought i am going to be more free next week.. bt i still wanna watch~! hahaha.. oh yea.. my bball team.. anything la.. we get 2nd plce`!! congrats to us~!! hahahaha..

hmmm.. wat else.. nth much liao.. i am going to stop here liao.. the hw is like mountain liao.. hahaha.. see u guys and take care~!! love u all~!

loves and hugz
; 4:58 AM


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