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Thursday, February 28, 2008

it was sad to send susan off~! who like to see ur best friend leaves u~ not me~ for sure~! everyone is very sad~ sniff sniff~ i wasn't suppose to cry juz now.. bcoz she is going for studies~ for her future~ but the tears~! sigh~ a group hug then she is off~ friends for 5 yrs.~ but our relationship is really very very close~! everything seems to happen so fast.. 5 yrs~!! here and that.. this and that~ school then wat else~ so fast.. it's all time's fault~ i dun like u`!! take care susan oh~!! jia you in everything u do~! love God and muz miss us too~!! we will miss u ~!! for sure!~ da jie left us liao.. onli 5 of us left~ .................................................. take care~!!!

best friends always~!!


grab form winnie~ miss u all too~!!

orientation finished liao.. classes start tml~!! it's life~ accept it or not~ still must face it~!! today will be a very sad day~ maybe tml will be better~!!

u all take care~! and to susan~ i am starting to miss u liao~!!

friends go in and out of my life.. those who left their footsteps is the one i love the most~!!! love u lots susan~!!

loves and hugz

p/s: sulee.. thank you for bringing me to and back form the airport~!! thanks~!!
; 4:03 PM

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

blogging time~!! hehehe.. first of all.. i dun think i have much time to blog since i started school liao.. so i hope.. I REALLY HOPE THAT.. i can blog more often so that nelly, jane and susan will know wat i am doin here in Brunei~!! miss u all... to nelly.. althou u had gone for so many yrs.. but i still miss u~ and to jane and susan.. miss both of u in school~!! really~!! to susan.. u r leaving in 2 days~!! wat??? oh man~!! gonna miss u so much~

anyways.. we went out last nite.. me,judy,jia,karen,susan,lynn,and winnie~!! hahaha.. went escapade.. and laugh like there is no tml.. hahaha.. loud and really loud.. hahaha.. the noisiest room i think.. lucky ppl cannot see inside.. if not.. really paiseh liao.. hahaha.. it's a farewell party for susan.. i hope i will get the pictures from winnie soon~ yea.. sisters forever~!! love u all.. it was really memorable and we all keep on givin advices to susan thru yam seng style.... hahahaha.. like"study hard oh.. bu yao xue huai.. and etc etc.." we will miss u so so so so so much~!!

okie.. back to school.. orientation is still boring.. anna, jovita and me play hangman durin the orientation and i finished reading a book.. see how boring it was.. hahahaha.. and the timetable came out liao.. hahaha.. in maths class... i have a few friends.. then physics i have ying hee with me then chem i have supatra with me then gp i have yung hwa with me.. hahahaha.. at least got friend la.. sadly.. in bio class.. me and another girl is the onli chinese in the class.. how sad~! but got one bruneian singer in my class.. ppl says she is famous but i dunno her~ ghahahaha.. meanin she is not famous~!! hahaha... and btw.. my tutor group teacher is a malay~ cikgu siti.. if i am not wrong. but she ask me to call her teacher princess.. hahaha.. she is quite pretty~... hahahaha..

ok~ during break and luch time.. met steph n the gang then pik shien n the gang.. hahaha.. it was like chms reunion again~ AND~ piang is so bad coz she keep on laughing at me coz i dun have ps(private studies meaning free period) coz i took 5 subjects... the timetable really look kinda full~ kinda regret~ hahaha.. but i am thinkin of changing gp to thinking skills.. hmmmm.. still thinking la.. hahaha.. ok la.. not bad la.. quite fun~ so that's all for today la~

take care u guys~

btw.. i think i am taking netball for eca.. hahahaha.. since xiao ting is president then mabel is vice.. all very "shou" one.. hahaha..

loves and hugz
; 12:55 AM

Monday, February 25, 2008

hey everyone~ it's been sometime since i last post something~ hehehe.. oh well.. i bet u all r waiting how am i in the new school~ for those who dunno which i am attendin.. well.. i am a student in MD~ haha.. Maktab Duli~ hahaha..

it was first day of school today~ haha.. pin jia came over my place so that we can go to school together.. hahaha.. and both of us try to fixed our tudong in the car.. but the ride was kinda bumpy then the safety pin keep pricking jia's chin.. hahahaha.. the traffic jam was seriously heavy man~ hahaha.. so we get to have more time to put the tudong on~ hahaha.. for the past few days i was really trying on the tudong and it looks quite ok with me.. but then who knows today when i tried again.. it seems so wrong~ hahahaah.. okie back to where me and jia were.. then when we arrived, we r like very paiseh coz it;s like the tudong was really ugly~! but we juz went in to the auditorium.. and guess who we saw.. derrick, louis, chung sun~ derrick started to laugh at us.. hahah.. but thanks to one of the prefects in md, michelle.. one of the senior, we r saved.. we were brought to the toilet and she taught us how to do.. hahaha.. then we went to the auditorium.. BANYAK ORANG AH~ hahaha.. it's like so white and so black~ hahaha.. hope u all understand this~ hahaha.. then we r seperate coz we r in the diff tutor groups..

i sat alone then anna and jovita(from sas) came.. hahaha.. we sat together.. then go crazy durin the orientation.. hahaha.. we weren't really listen coz we dun understand bahasa brunei.. hahaha.. but i get to ask the malay girl beside me to translte for me~ hahaha.. made a lot of new friends.. hahahaha.. was really really tired during the orientation coz it was BORING~ hahaha.. and the thing is alyssa is in my tutor group.. both of us was shocked.. hahaha.. the school so far so good la~ hahaha.. and oh yea.. saw rashidah, chea xin, shee ling, jingyi and few of the seniors.. hahaha.. obviously they are laughing at me.. hahaha.. the scenario was funny~ haha.. i am lucky that got ppl help me to fixed my tudong~ hahahahah..

my daddy was nice enuf to bring me out to eat after school.. hahahaha.. he says.. "nu er, zhang da liao" hahaha..

no pics will be post~ i am really tired now.. need to go liao.. take care and jia you~!! GOD bless~

loves and hugz
; 3:03 AM

Friday, February 22, 2008

hey hey hey~!! it's national day today~! haha.. it brought back memories 2 yrs ago.. when i am still in form4.. see~ time really flies~ hahaha.. we really had fun during the prac althou it was really hot~! hahaha..

us- before the final rehearsal~!
hahaha.. it was fun~!!

anyway.. yesterday was our class gathering.. hahah.. we did a lot of catch up and updates.. and i found out that.. half of our class are going md~ so yea.. we will meet again in school~ wat a happy thing~ we ate.. some of them gamble.. i din gamble coz i cant~ so i went to play police and murderer.. hahaha.. so there was 2 groups.. laughter and shouts filled in the school canteen.. our former subjects teachers juz drop by to visit us~ hahaha... din take a lot of pics with my camera.. but more with my classmates' camera.. so will post after i get it~

some of them left early... so onli some of us took this pic together~

gonna starts school on monday~!! finally this long holiday is going to be over.. and another thing is that.. i am glad judy find out wat she wanna be and wat to study liao.. so she is not leaving..

i think thta's all for today~!! see u all.. btw.. i had changed my font liao.. better?? hope so.. hahaha.. take care.. and smile~ for the earth is still rotating~!

loves and hugz
; 7:17 PM

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

okie.. due to the last post.. i was quite angry and sad both at the same time.. then that post came out lor..~ hehehe.. sry guys and sry susan~~ hahaha.. thank you for those ppl who advice and encourage me~ thanks a lot~!!

Susan, our b-gang lao da jie~ is going to leave us next week.. now how many b-gang girls in Brunei??? hmmm.. 4 if judy is leaving.. 7 left 4.. hmmm.. it's sad but wat can we do?? it's life rite?? hahaha.. as her best friend i onli can wish her all da best~ and pray for her lor.. of coz will miss her la.. haha.. she is the only one who really knows me and can tahan me.. she is really like my sister.. ask me to keep this keep that clean then teach me how to protect myself.. then our telepathy connection very good one~ hahaha.. althou u go sg.. we also have telepathy connection~ hahaha.. then it's very cool~!! hahaha.. but i am the one who nag her to study.. haha.. hmmm.. everybody is starting a new chapter in life~ me, and eveybody that is same batch as me~ excited?? yup.. i am~

dunno how is jane now.. hahaha hmmm.. i bet she miss us very much~! hahaha.. i think i am going to end here liao.. my mind is blank now~so.. will post next time.. so judy~ jia you oh~!!

take care, everybody~ tml will be a busy day for me.. so wont be posting anything~ hehehe..

tml gathering ah~ form 5A students~~ hahaha..

loves and hugz

God bless~

; 6:49 PM

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

this is the second time i post today~

I REALLY HATE U, SUSAN~!! now.. again.. she is leaving soon.. next week.. to singapore~! can u imagine?? 2 best friends left u in 2 weeks time?? WAT IS THIS?? i am really sad now.. is this wat u call life?? oh my~ i really hate this now.. i cant help myself.. juz now.. i called susan then after i put down the phone, my tears keep streaming down.. CAN'T HELP IT~!!

think that we sat next to each other in school, then join activities together.. then gossip together.. all these soon will be memories.. in b-gang.. me and her always hang out.. maybe we sat together.. we tell each other stuffs~ somehow.. when i was told she was going for the entrance test to sg.. i was praying that she wont be in.. hehe.. so she will go md~ but.. she is in now.. leaving soon~

i can't continue already~ i think i need to rest~ see u guys~ take care.. and to judy~ if u want to leave, leave with susan la.. so sad one time nia.. no need 2 times..
; 11:07 PM

yesterday we went to airport to farewell Jane~ she went KL liao~ it's sad~ hahaha.. think of the bright side~ she cant bully me anymore~ hahaha.. *hope she don read this post~* haha.. of coz i miss her la.. hehe..

the whole thing was sad~ everyone was sad but we din show it out.. think that we used to see each other in school then now.. hai~ i know we quarrel then fight.. haha.. but still we r still best friends..~ i met Alyssa yesterday.. din see her for a long time~! and i juz found out that we have a lots in common~

Alyssa and me~

pics of us in airport~
b-gang plus jane~
Jane with us~!
last hug b4 she left~ *sad*
in she goes~ * my heart felt very "suan" when she went in~
*really sad* i din cry in da pic ah.. onli susan and sharon~ hahaha..
uc asked us to take this pic~ hahaha.. not bad.. quite pro~

yea.. i think that's all liao eh.. hahaha.. my hols is almost over liao.. hahaha.. quickly enjoy first~ hahaha.. u all take care.. and all da best to u Jane.. God bless u~ hahaha.. and to the readers.. God bless u all too~!! jia you oh~!!

loves and hugz

p/s: to form5A students(2007).. gathering on the 22nd.. 6pm till 10 pm.. school~ see u all there~!!

and to judy~ jia you oh in choosing subjects.. think well and think thrice b4 u decide the courses~

and to susan.. hope u can stay in Brunei~!! ehehehe.. then go md with me~!! yea~!!

ok la.. bye liao~!
; 6:37 PM

Monday, February 18, 2008

After so many days~ finally i post~ hahaha.. it's been a busy week for me~ haven start school also so busy, of coz la~ pai nian mah~ chinese new year haven over yet~ i am so sleepy now.. coz not enuf sleep.. ok~ let's talk abt wat happened yesterday~ morning.. i went to church.. then noon.. my classmates(2007) came pai nian at my house.. which was so last minute planned.. haha.. after that.. we went to school to watch lion dance~ they go on with their pai nian.. but i stayed in school coz my dear lil bro was so excited to watch the lion dance.. hahaha.. saw a lot of ppl there.. hahaha.. say hi then bye~ hhaha.. i sat with avalan mei mei and VC.. and being crazy as usual~ hahaha..as the show ends.. go home lor.. then nite go to a friend's party till 10 then go jane's house sleepover~

hahahah.. jane is going to leave tomolo~ so fast.. think think.. friends since we are in kindergarden2.. now.. she is leaving to KL..~ time really flies~ it's so sad.. even abt thinkin she is leaving.. i really want to cry~ okie.. actually it's me, susan, winnie then lynn gonna sleepover.. but lynn cant in the end coz something happens.. then judy and karen can't sleepover.. so sad~ but we had fun.. 4 of us~ so crazy ah~ winnie slept early at 2 something i think. coz she is tired.. then onli 3 of us siao siao there.. hahaha.. i dunno y i am so hyper for the nite.. haha.. so we slept at 4.. hahaha. then this morning wake up at 8.. susan bah.. my morning call.. HAHAHA.. we took lots of pictures then talk talk talk talk talk.. laugh laugh~ i really enjoyed.. juz the air con was too cold~!!!

okie.. then 9am.. arrive in school.. meeting for the gathering.. i think things almost settle liao eh.. since the principal approved liao then the teachers are coming.. hahaha.. then come back i SLEEP`!! then nite, my daddy mummy open house again.. meaning.. many ppl coming~ hahaha.. then cannot go out with lynn they all.. hai~ haha.. it's ok la.. tml go airport la~

i think i am going to starts school soon`! excited~ haha.. the seniors are nice.. haha.. i think i need to go liao.. ppl coming.. b4 that.. i wanna post some pics up~!! and to cheahwen.. thanks for the advice~ hahaha..


toodles~~ see u all soon~! i hope.. hahahaha.. for uc, if u r reading.. tml muz bring bucket oh~!! hahahaha..

take care..
loves and hugz
; 2:24 AM

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

yea.. Grace is back from chinese new yeaR~!! hahaha.. it was fun in sibu~ as usual.. and bored in Bintulu~ hahaha.. in Bintulu there is only a tv pei me~ hahahaha.. but ok la~ ang pao is big in Bintulu coz my Grandparents is there..

now now~ sibu was really fun with cousins~!! it's like a family reunion~ hahaha.. i din went back for 2 yrs liao.. and it's like everybody is growing.. hahaha.. fortunately our relationships din die down~ hahaha.. we r still the happy family~ talk talk talk talk.. then pai nian pai nian~!!! angpau angpau~ hahaha.. then happy happy~

okie.. this is the picture of my son~ new born son~ hahaha.. actually this is son of my cousin.. then during the painian.. he wants to follow me~ hahaha.. then i bring him to painian lor.. like mother liao~ hahaha.. the baby smell so sweet~!! hahahahah..

oh yea.. then fireworks in malaysia is CRAZY~!! my eardrums wanna burst liao.. then the air is like smoky.. yuck~ hahahaha.. pictures are taken but not nice.. so i am not going to post~

these are some pics of my families.. lazy to upload most of da pics..


hahaha.. this time i went back.. i realised~ i am fat.. compared with my cousins.. ghahaha.. goonnna go on diet soon la~!! ghahahaha..

last pic~! miss u girls~!!


HAPPY CNY TO U GUYS~ and have fun oh~

and oh yea.. i went to make baju kurung today with ying hee~ hahahaha.. everything went fine exept the tudong part~ OMG~!! so ugly man~!! hahahahaha.. dunno how to survive 2 yrs~!! hahaha.. help me~!! hahaha.. and think of the bright side.. every girls is wearing it~!! muahahahahhaa..

ok la.. that's all for today~ so many ppl to chat.. hahahaha.. updates updates~!!

take care..
loves and hugz
; 4:03 AM

Monday, February 4, 2008

hahahahahaa.. i get a suprise today~

mum: dajie.. u need to teach tuition again coz the teacher is tired~
Grace: shen me??!! i din even preapre then my students farewell me liao..
mum: the teacher juz called.. so be ready to go tis noon
Grace: * shock* i want to sleep~!!!!

ok~ i went.. the students were shocked and suprised~! hahaha.. we had fun today again~ they thought i am coming back to teach for good~ but unfortunately.. nope~ hahaha.. disappointed faces.. hahahaha

i went airport again today~ my cousin going Aust to study~ so sad.. dunno how many times i went airport liao this year.. hahahaha.. wish him jia you oh~!!

anyway~ i am going back to Bintulu and Sibu for cHINESE NEW YEAR~ yea.. so happy~!! hahaha.. so yea.. meaning.. i wont be blogging for a few days.. till sunday~ hahaha.. better flood my tagbox ah~ hahahaha.. to know that u all still love me~!! yea~!!

things to do when i come back~!!

1) pai nian~!!! tis the most important thing..
2) farewell jane.. so sad~
3) my md baju then books then i dunno~ hahahaha..
4) PWM..
5) organised class gathering
6) go out with sulee.. as promised~ hahahaha..

i think that's all eh.. hahaha.. hope nth more.. hahahaha.. ok that;s it~ HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to u guys~!! take care oh.. love u all lots~!

loves and hugz
; 4:41 AM

; 4:41 AM

Friday, February 1, 2008

hey everyone~ i am here to blog again.. actually i wanna post pictures today~ but.. unfortunately.. i forgot wat is my password for my photobucket liao.. sad hor.. so i need to make one again~ so yea..

i dunno wat to blog today.. hmmmm.. today is my last day to teach tuiton liao.. haha.. kinda sad.~~ will miss those 17 cute lil faces.. haha.. and their innocent look.. being a teacher is not that easy as i think.. need a lot of time to prepare then to mark their work.. then patience then need to think how to attract them to study~ but it was a good experience la.. at least i know how the job goes..~ hahaha..

i ask my mum that day.. i said since i took 3 sciences then maths then eng.. if i dun want to be a teacher in the end le.. she reply.. nvm lor.. she says juz choose wat i like.. but i think i will still go on with my dreams.. hahaha..

ok~ chinese new year is coming.. and i am going back~! yesh~! gonna see my relatives again.. happy~ i wish u all a happy advanced chinese new year and God bless u all~

miss u all so much~ and i am kinda excited for the sixth form life.... hahaha.. take care..

loves and hugz


ok~ hahaha.. yup teaching ends today~ it was a great full stop.. 2 students end up crying.. then hugging and repetitive bye-byeing~ and the tuition actually ends at 430 then students stay till 450 to farewell me..h ahaha.. hen she bu de la.. so u guys see how good me being a teacher le.. hahaha.. and i also shuang dao lor~ they even make me to promise to go back and visit them in school.. hahaha.. ok.. it was a nice memory~ haha.. first time working..

the bad thing is.. mummy went shopping without me today~ sigh~ so saad~ she bought so much.. but at least she bought a top for me.. hahaha..

most of my friends are facing stress nowadays.. making decisions and all those kind of things.. so.. i wish u all jiayou and u all must calm down to think~ all da best to u~!! we r growing up.. and finally i accept the fact now.. hahahha..

so u guys.. it wasn't so bad to grow up.. for the earth is still round~!! hahaha.. smile~! and have a blessed day~!
; 6:42 PM


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