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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

here it goes again~~ i dunno wat had happened to me tis few days.. i keep on thinking abt the things happened in da past.. the memories i had when i am small and the sweet and sad memories i had.. when i think abt them.. i felt sad.. i felt happy too.. it's like i really miss all those swee and memorable times.. oh man.. i really hate the time.. it keeps on shooing us to go fast.. hai~~ i felt so how to say.. helpless.. haha.. now i am in form 5 liao.. juz think tat i am a lil gurl who ppl call me ah mei and now.. a grown teenager liao.. i like to be like children.. they dun need to make serious decision and do those mafan stuff.. no need to stress.. but it's cool to be a teenager.. haha.. so mao dun ah me.. i really dunno wat to do now.. june almost over liao.. 4 more months then big exams liao.. i haven get ready yet..

juz now.. teacher siew chook and her husband juz recomment me to be a sppech specialist.. well.. i find it really interesting.. i need to study pyschology then i can even use my music foundation in.. and speech specialist is a person who teach ppl tat can't talk and need a lot of patience.. which i dun really have.. pls keep me in prayer.. i really need u guys to pray for me.. thanks..

i went to stpri juz now.. well.. my father need to do something over there.. when i went there.. last year's netball zone 1 competition flashed into my mind.. i really miss those games.. haha.. althou we lost in da final.. but it really is a lesson for all of us.. juz like this year. haha.. i had fun last year durin netball.. thanks to chiet.. u teach me a lot.. haha.. tis year de netball team jia you oh.. we must get champion oh!!

everything goes well now.. i think.. haha.. my life is really like a roller coaster.. ups and downs.. tat's y i love my life so much.. haha..

Grace"s advice for today: know wat is important and wat is urgent.. tis is wat nowadays ppl dunno.. haha.. including me.. for me everything is important.. haha.. tat's y i am so so busy.. haha.. well.. it's hard but we must try to make our life more easier.. haha.. jia you oh..

God bless~

loves and hugz
; 4:42 AM

Thursday, June 21, 2007

today is another busy day~~ children church camp, went there to help.. and help to play piano.. then go netball practice.. haha.. netball prac is ok.. but still 6 of us nia.. hahaha.. we end up playing captain ball with xiao wei and seng wei.. it was really fun.. we shud tat more often.. haha.. afterward need to go out again. so tired ah.. haha.. tml is another busy day again~~ sometimes i just wonder y am i so busy~~ hai~~ muz study hard lo... it's coming.. o level is coming.. oohh.. scare~

okie.. today's topic.. friends.. i have a lot i mean really a lot of friends in my life.. they walk in and out in my life.. i really feel very xin fu coz i feel so.. haha.. thanks to those who had help me to walk out from my sadness.. those who i share secrets to.. thanks for being so patience with me and be a very good listener.. thanks to those who guide me thruout my life.. thank you for giving me advices.. and thanks to those share my happiness with.. bcoz of u all i really feel very happy.. and thanks to those who accompany me thru the hard times.. thanks to those who tell jokes*cold jokes* and those who play arnd with me.. haha.. u all r really funny~~ haha.. thanks to u all.. i really can't express my thank you in words.. there will be so much to say.. i really appreciate u all.. hehe.. yea.. THANK YOU AGAIN~

Grace's advice for today: sometimes wat happened in da past is good.. coz it will give us experiences and we will be more mature in doing things.. juz appreciate what had happened.. and face front when u walk.. dun think abt the past.. but dun make mistakes u make b4.. ok?? smile~~ everyday will be all right~~ jia you oh, everyone.. i know it's hard to live everyday to the fullest.. but just try.. haha..

loves and hugz

God bless~
; 3:23 AM

Monday, June 18, 2007

it's already june liao le.. so fast ah.. how many months more then o level liao.. oh man.. time past so fast.. haha.. i wanna go tf camp!! sad sad sad.. now muz study hard liao.. omg... so much to do.. so lil time.. i wish i have the power to control the time.. then life will be so senang.. hahaha.. tke care la everybody.. and jia you in everything u do.. God bless~~

loves and hugz

p/s: happy father's day to all fathers..
; 12:54 AM

Thursday, June 14, 2007

stress stress stress ah@_@.. i finally know how sulee felt last year liao.. omigosh.. so many things to do but so lil time.. hai~~~

need to decide which road i wanna go in da future.. eyer.. dun wanna think abt it again.. i mean i know i want to study education.. but.. i dun know which subject i wanna teach.. music?? maths? or wat?? oh man~~ God pls help me..

anyway.. dun think too much first..
study hard for my o level first! i try my best then God will do the rest~~ rite? all da best to u guys too..

Grace"s advice for today: dun stress urself.. it's something very stress.. haha.. yea.. so juz cool down and shun qi zhi ran~~ haha.. look who is talking here.. hahaha..

loves and hugz

God bless~
; 4:03 AM

Sunday, June 10, 2007

i am so sick now~~ running nose.. sore throat.. fever.. and my voice change!! oh man~~ one of my hates is being sick.. now here i am.. typing tis blog to u who is reading it now.. hahaha.. get well soon, Grace *said it in a very low tone* chuckles..

last nite was our form 5 A class gathering!! it was so sweet and so cool.. now only i realised tat we f5a have unity and diversity.. oh man.. i gonna miss u guys so so much.. we bbq and potluck thru out the nite.. ppl in our class are getting very very vain.. we keep on taking pictures screaming arnd shouting like a group of crazy ppl.. we even played games.. tat's how i see the teamwork of our class.. it was really really fun.. at the end.. we gather at the field.. hands link together.. with the lights of the spotlight shining at us, we shared wat we felt abt the class and the ppl in the class.. it was so so so touching.. thanks to joo sie and chai eng.. u make me cry.. i tried to control myself but.. i can't.. it was like we r going to graduate yesterday instead of 4 months after.. hahaha.. sweet.. we all need to jia you in our o level oh.. be the best form 5 A tat the school ever had.. aim high!

Grace" s advice for today: drink more water.. haha.. dun end up like me.. haha.. ok.. for a more zhen jin one.. be humble.. tis is a lesson that is very very very hard to learn.. ppl tend to show off their most talented stuffs.. their new mobile phones or bags or anything.. and they like to brag themselves.. humble will bring u a very good reputation and will not make ppl dislikes u.. well.. it is very easy to say but it's hard to learn.. ok guys? challenge urself!!

love everybody and evryone and evrything.. take care, u all!

loves and hugz

God bless~~
; 3:42 AM

Friday, June 8, 2007

well.. it's been a busy week to me.. yesterday which was friday.. we perform at de pasar malam.. well.. everything went fine.. but it was freaking hot there.. oh man~~ hahaha.. but i really enjoy yesterday nite~~ so fun~~ hehehe..

out of the blue.. my dear friend Gabriel belanja me a drink.. so shocked man.. haha.. but i felt very gan dong.. thank you.. hahaha..

today's parents day was fine.. althou i din do well in acc and eng.. but i will work hard for it.. JIA YOU OH, gRACE! i am a good gurl, rite?? heheh.. afterward we will be having bbq as our class gathering.. haha.. hope we will have fun~~~ haha.. no raining.. *cross my finger*

Grace"s advice for today: appreciate wat u have now.. sometimes u may realised something is precious when it is too late.. so dun do something u will regret~~ ok, guys?? appreciate wat u have now.. eventhough u have onli 3 friends.. but u need to appreciate them too.. no matter wat there are.. ur family, friends, stuff toys or things and ppl around u.. tell them tat u appreciate them.. i guarantee tat ur relationship among urself will improve.. juz tell them thank you or some kind words... so yea.. dun do something u will regret afterward.. smile~~ hope u guys will have a nice day~~

loves and hugz

God bless~~
; 6:56 PM

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

haPpy 18th BiRthDAy to Jie JIe Su lee!! hope u will have a memorable birthday today~~

hello everybody~~ today is just another typical day for me.. school then piano then home~~ oh man! my piano lesson is so i dunno how to say.. really need to work hard liao.. wanna test Grade 6 theory this year.. hai~~ haha.. i dun like wednesday.. i dunno why.. juz dun like wed.. hahaha.. i am going to be busy this week.. performances and performances.. and no holiday for me!! sad..

pls pray for my health and studies.. i wanna get good result in my exams.. haha.. work hard hard then study hard hard~~ haha.. jia you oh, gRace! To u all too, who r havng their big exams this year..

Grace"s advice for today: dun be lazy!! lazy kills.. so everytime u feel lazy.. remind urself tat dun be lazy"s slave.. let's all be hardworking to overcome our laziness.. let's all beat laziness to death!! muahahaha... we can do it..!

loves and hugz

God bless~~
; 4:52 AM

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

YEA~~ Grace did it~ i create a blog myself.. Welcome to the big family of the bloggers.. Grace rocks~~ wohooo.. well.. it isn't so hard anyway.. haha.. i named my blog as Along the road because along my road there are too many things happening.. i wanna share with all of u so tat we can learn and cry and encourage each other along my road~~ so.. we can grow up healthy physically and mentally.. so jia you oh~~ let's learn together~~

today is a nice day~ everything happens nicely and smoothly.. but somehow one of my friend is not in her good mood~ nobody know wat happen.. onli God knows~ so yea.. pls pray for her.. i think the most important in a friendship is TRUST~~ nth is bigger than tat..

Grace"s advice for today~~: dun look down at urself for u r the coolest person in da world have confidence in everything u do.. juz believe in urself.. if u look down at urself.. ppl will do the same thing to u.. so be tough and be strong.. in life there will be lots of obstacles.. overcome them and fight with them with confidence.. for urself is the greatest enemy to urself.. all da best to u.. life is a roller coaster~ enjoy it.. and scream with it!! have fun on ur own roller coaster ride~~ hugz to all of u! take care!

loves and hugz

God bless~~
; 5:48 AM


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