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Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007... and welcome 2008..

wow.. time really flies~! 2008 coming then i am going to be 18~!! fast and furious~ erm.. i think that is not quite the right word~ ok~ i had graduated and ppl gonna starts school soon but i dunno where will i be till the results is out.. so scary~ eyer`!~! can't sleep at nite if i think of it~! ok well.. 2007 is a really fun year~ i enjoy being a senior in school.. hmmm.. i "enjoy" studying for exams~ not really... i enjoy tuition.. i enjoy the holidays i had.. i am glad i had made lots of new friends this year.. i am thankful to God that i am still alive now~ i thank God for my healthy body,.. then i am glad i am over with O Lvels.. then glad to join netball n had fun~!! hmmm.. wat else?????

i am glad i have the chance to serve in the church.. get crazy with my crazy friends.. And i am glad to spend my 2 weeks plus holiday in places that inspire me.. hmmm.. i dunno wat to type liao.. the thing i am not glad is the weight i am gaining.. omg~!! i am going to go on diet`!! hahahaha..

ok.. stop all my complaints now.. 2008.. means new year.. new hope.. new thing/./ new stuff.. new things..hahaha.. ok.. i am planning to go on diet.. that is for sure./ then 2 months holiday.. i need to think of something nice to do.. instead of wasting it~my future is quite blur now.. i hope God will open my eye bigger then i know where to go and wat to do~ hmmm.. again to my parents.. i will be a good girl then a good jie jie to my bro and sis..

i juz want to try my best and do my best in everything i do~ be a wise girl and a thankful girl~ i think i am going to do my diploma next year.. if i can do it~ hehehe.. too lazy me.. ok.. i need to be hardworking...~! yea man~!! hahaha.. BE THE BEST OF ME~~!!

Now i am in Sam's house.. counting down to 2008.. hmm.. hahahaha.. ppl watching i am not stupid 2.. but here i am to blog.. hahahaha.. ok... i need to go.. coz it's 11 40.. hahaha.. 2008 is near~ let's face it together~ God bless me and everybody in the new year.. jia you oh.. da jia~

take care and Happy new year~

loves and hugz

love u all lots and THANK YOU~!
; 7:17 AM

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

SAWADIKA~~ after for 2 weeks long.. i am so proud to say that Miss Grace Wong is now back in Brunei~! hahaha.. safe and sound.. but so SO sososososososososososososososososososs.................. TIRED~ AND EXHAUSTING.. i think both of the words mean the same.. who cares.. hahaha... reallyvery tired.. din get enuf sleep then ah eat so much again.. hahaha.. pictures will be upload as soon i get all the pics~

it was really fun and exciting thruout the trip.. learn a lot and gain a lot..
- learn how to boil water in the hotel
- learn how to interact with other ppl.. those who dunno how to speak my languages..
- gain 2 kg
- gain a lot of new things... hahahahaha..
- learn that i am A very blessed person
- learn how to survive in rural area
- learn to sleep past midnight everynight..
- and gain panda eyes~
- experiences a lot of stuff.. and things..
- met a lot of ppl..
- and a lot again la~ so many to type.. hahahaha..

wanna ask me whether i got miss u guys when i am on hols... hmmmmm... i think i did~
hahahaha... anyway.. i got a phone b4 i went to the hols.. but no sim card yet~ hahaha.. sad~
wait for my next post.. hahahaha.. now i am happy and happy~ gonna get some sleep.. juz get back home then here i am blogging liao~ hehehe.. take care u guys..

loves and hugz
; 11:46 PM

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

since the starting of trials in school.. i stopped help my mum to cook~ haha.. even i wanna eat maggi mee.. i will ask my sis to cook for me.. haha.. since she like to cook so much~ hahaha.. then today~ my mum went out.. then she called back..
mummy:" da jie, chao cabbage... hui ma?"
me:" erm.. hui.."
then we talked abt something else then we end our conversation..
but in my mind i was thinking of the procedure how to cook~ hahaha.. ok la.. i have the talent to cook.. so nth went wrong.. juz i put too much salt.. too salty.. but nice to eat la.. hahaha..

was really sick last nite.. hahaha.. after eating the pills.. then a long sleep.. then ok liao today.. no more sneezing.. BUT.. here comes the nan ting voice.. but now.. i think ok liao eh.. hahaha..

i dunno wat to pack.. so headache.. seems like i wanna bring everything.. but the Air asia.. says one person can onli have like 15kg? then i wanna buy stuffs too.. take in take out.. put in put out.. really dunno wat to bring.. 1 moredays then fly lor~ hehehe.. kinda excited.. haha..

anyway~ to everybody.. have fun in ur hols~! hahaha.. take care.. and dun get sick like me`! and the weather nowadays keep changing also.. so yea.. see u all soon~!

loves and hugz

God bless~

p/s: i am goin to get a phone~! finally~~ heheh.. hope everything went smoothly.. hahaha..
; 4:09 AM

Monday, December 10, 2007

I AM SICK~~!! SICK AT THE WRONG TIME.. on thursday i will be leaving to KL liao then to Thailand.. then this stupid sneezing and sore throat diseases ah.. dunno how to choose time one.. came yesterday~! eyer~ so angry eh~! eat vitamin C~ hope i will get better soon.. i mean i feel better now.. if not.. i wont be sitting here.. hahahaha..

I went out with Nelly, Susan and Jia.. okie.. juz same catch up.. actually judy and them went earlier.. at abt 1.. but i met them at abt 430.. hehehe.. i have practices in church.. hahaha.. susan join us when she was having her break.. then we sent her back to her shoop.. then we juz chat there.. haha.. like "jia jia" want to buy home.. actually i was looking at the phone.. and i think i know which one to buy liao~!! and ah.. prima and easi.. whch one better..?? my dad wanna buy me prima.. then very mafan lor.. if i use easi now.. then more fan bian.. i dunno la..hahahaa.. anyway, we lepak at her shop for one hour i think.. then we go swensons.. onli me, jia and nelly.. then Jane, sharon and carissa came and meet us.. haha.. with sharon there.. the whole restaurant is full of her laughter.. hahaha.. typical u la.. then they left to escapade coz they have their gatheting there.. haha.. then 3 of us go arcade.. after that we lepak arnd the mall lor.. oh yea.. the best part of yesterday is i can get to go out with Nelly.. the second best is.. we went to the face shop.. haha.. then we fool arnd with the nail polish~! shuang man~! haha.. i even have carmen.. one of the staffs to help me to put on the nail polish~!! hahahaha.. she was one of my old friendl iao.. hahaha.. later at 8 something.. we all went back home.. by then.. i was like keep on sneezing liao.. then late in the night get worst lor.. hahha.. but now ok liao la..

i need to go packing lor~! ahaha.. so u all take care.. better drink more water.. and rest more.. i think i am lacking of rest that is y i am sick now~ so yea.. see u all soon~

loves and hugz
; 12:49 AM

; 12:49 AM

Friday, December 7, 2007

i am posting abt what had happened yesterday~ hahaha.. sometimes ah.. i dunno y ppl can stay till so late then blog.. haha.. well.. maybe i am still a baby~ haha.. baby needs to sleep early~!! haha..

anyway.. i woke up late yesterday~ late for me is like 9?? hahaha.. then my daddy brought us go shopping for the things we needed in Thai land and KL.. hahaha.. i LOVE to shop with my dad.. coz.. he always will say YES~!! haha.. then he will pay for me too.. I LOVE MY DADDY~!! haha.. i love my mummy too.. but mummy is more strict.. hahaha.. i need to waste a lot of saliva to make her buy something for me.. hahaha.. THANK YOU, DADDY AND MUMMY~~!

then late in the noon i went to church for the san fu trainin~ it was ok.. and i get to say abt the introduction~ the thing end abt 6 then i went back home.. abt 6 30.. i went church again~ the grand rehearsals for the thailand trip.. then until 12 something this morning baru i came home.. hahaha.. first time stay so late in church~ haha.. i wasn't tired or wat,, i was like a crazy ppl.. keep on laughing~ hahahahaha..

oh yea~!! i watched HAIRSPRAY~!!! IT WAS AWESOME.. SO COOL... and the songs was really really really really NICE~!! i know i was a bit lag.. coz karen oledi like introduce the movie when it come out.. hahaha.. ok.. for those who haven watch.. go watch.. very very very very very nice~!! hahaha..

then Caroline borrow me a novel.. ok .. now i am addicted.. i was like trying to rush thru this post.. coz i wanna continue read my book liao~!! hahah..

din get to go out Nelly yet~! hmmm.. maybe tml eh.. i hope i can arrange my time out.. so sad la.. ppl come from Aust then i din even go out with her.. haha.. nvm la.. u know from the bottome of my heart.. i really love u as my best friend~!! hahaha.. thank you for ur prezzies~!! hahaha..

take carela.. ppl~ i am going soon`!! i hope i can go to the farewell party on monday nite~!! hahaha.. tata~

loves and hugz

God bless u all~
; 7:04 PM

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

blogging time~! hehe.. okie.. so far so good~ well.. yesterday i went to pri 6 reunion at Cikgu Tai's house.. or is it pri 5.. anyway.. hahaha.. it was fun.. haha.. keep on taking pictures together.. so vain man.. most of my classmates had changed.. the outward appearances.. but some din.. haha.. ok.. we will like.. "remember last time bla bla.." then we talk talk talk talk.. then i went home liao lor.. i think we shud like do 2 years one reunion.. so that we wont be like strangers.. like chin yee and nai kiat they all.. yesterday nite was the first time i see them since pri 6.. so sad rite?? hahah.. but we get to catch up in da end.. that's all abt yesterday.. i will post the pics up.. when i get the pics from cheah wen and pei jin~ haha..

NELLY IS BACK TODAY~!! 12 PM.. well.. i can t get to go to the airport to get her~ oh man.. coz my aunts come.. so yea.. then how le.. i think she will call me soon.. i think.. haha.. she will like" ji shi chu qu?" hahaha.. lynn lynn not in Brunei now.. then Susan working then judy and jia at home fa dai.. haha.. then Karen study.. then how now.. we say all Bgang go out mah~ how to arrange now.. so headache~ then i am leaving next week.. wont be back till the 26th.. or 27th morning~ see first la.. see how la.. we will pei u one, Nelly.. no worry~

okie.. i am going to Thailand soon then KL then Melaka(still deciding).. very excited oh.. haha.. gonna shop till i drop.. hahaha.. ok.. like i say above.. so far so good.. cannot be sick~ hahaha.. gtg liao.. everyone~ take care.. and best of luck to u all..

loves and hugz

God bless~
; 5:40 PM

Sunday, December 2, 2007

i dun think i wanna continue to update my days.. it will be so so so long.. hahaha.. okie.. nth much today.. i go out at in da morning then get back at 6.. which was so so so tiring.. then do the camp booklet again~ okie.. i am making a booklet for a camp.. AND i have my eyebags now.. black like panda.. so ugly.. and btw.. does the cucumber thing work???.. if yes then inform me ah~ hahaha.. okie.. i think i finish it liao.. FINALLY~ IN THE END~ i dunno i cried how many times liao.. hahaha.. coz stress lor.. but ok liao la..

and i did the most "hollan" thing today is.. i forgot i am the pianist for the sunday service today.. really too busy for this few days.. cant keep up with the time.. omg~!! then hai hao.. Samuel get to help me play in da first part.. hahahaha.. first time in my whole life.. paiseh also la..

btw. gtg liao.. my king and queen is watching me.. the lil princess need some sleep~ hahaha.. and i went chatting juz now.. hahaha.. ten form 5As students chat.. hahaha.. so funny.. ok.. oh well.. see u guys~ take care

loves and hugz

God bless~
; 5:41 AM


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