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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ok~ results out yesterday~ haha.. but i am not that satisfy with it.. i know it is not bad liao.. but somehow i can't feel the happiness i shud get~ i dunno la~!! but i feel better today~ hehehe.. went to md today for admission~ md is ok.. haha.. except the tudong part.. hahaha.. hahha..

i took 5 subjects(3 sciences, 1 maths then eng general paper..) hahaha.. i got a bit regret now.. not really regret la.. took so many subjects meaning.. i need to work harder.. hahaha.. sad~ but fun la~ a levels eh~ hahaha.. kind of excited~ yea~~!!! hahaha.. then hope i will get all my friends as my classmates~! yea man~! hahaha.. and the most important thing is i hope i can get in~ haha..

before i went md.. i went chms today~ hahaha.. the teachers are happy.. then us students r happy to see each other.. it's like a small reunion.. but shuang also la.. hahaha.. i am so proud of form 5A(2007) we did well together~! althou we always play in class then laugh here laugh there then go crazy again~ hahaha.. i miss u all so much~

ok~ tuition class today was fine~ haha.. the kids r scare of mathematics then i am bad enough to give them test for mathematics.. hahaha.. for their own good le.. so can improve mah~!! hahaha.. they were like groaning.."teacher Grace, i dun want to test today, tml can??" hahahaha.. then i said" nop, cannot~ hahAHA"" then more groans~ hahaha.. but i think most of them did well la.. coz i marked their books juz now.. and if i asked them to study or do work.. they were like.. " lao shi, my head is going burst soon" or " i am so stress" or " teacher, my hand is shaking then i cannot write~!" i listened to all kinds of reasons.. think they r still in pri 5.. but their excuses were always fresh~ hahahaha..

ok la.. that's all for today.. i have lots of books to mark again~ hahaha.. see u guys la~

take care and God bless..

Thank God for my results~!! Praise to the Lord~

loves and hugz
; 4:37 AM

; 4:37 AM

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Basic info:
Name:: Grace
Age:: 17 not yet 18
eye colour:: Brown
hair colour:: Black

Bunch of randoms:
time now:: 8.34a.m
wearing:: teddy Bear pajamas
location:: Home

Last person you...
hugged:: Caroline
called:: Ren Wei
said hi to:: Someone in church but I dunno who~s
aid bye to:: Amos? Or Joseph
kissed:: hmmm…
lied to:: I dunno~
pashed:: *Blur*
broke their heart:: I am a good girl~ haha.. I think dun have eh~
sung to:: Daniel~danced with:: my church Group, the LOVE and the HUMBLE group~
texted:: Gabriel~
laughed at:: Jun Liang
laughed with:: Belvia
threw stuff at:: I dun throw stuffs.. hahaha..
crushed on:: ....
got mad at:: Ivan
shouted at:: someone in my group..
made up with:: no idea...
ignored:: I dunno~~
bullied:: Jun Liang

First person you...
kissed:: I think is either my daddy or mummy~
hugged:: also either my daddy or mummy~
pashed:: <--what's this mean anyway?
got asked out by:: hmmmm…
actually went out with:: Rorence~
got in a big fight with:: My real mei mei lor~
prank called:: Caroline~ hahah.. it was funny~!
ganged up with:: the 1990’s ( Gabriel and Caroline ) Amos came later~
danced with:: hmmmm… how can I remember??

Last person who...
texted you:: Si Yieng
called you:: Daddy~
IMed you:: Bebie~
came to your house:: Isaac
invited you somewhere:: Mummy~ juz now.. she asked me to go out with her~
crushed on you:: hmmm.. how do I know.. if they dun tell me~

do you like someone?:: now?? Hmmm.. yes eh??
do you love someone?:: yes... everybody~!!
do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?:: not now~
who do you like?:: HMMMM.. y these questions r so into personal??
who do you love?:: my family~ then my friends~! And ME~!
who is your boyfriend/girlfriend?:: *still searching*
are you lusting after someone?:: NO~
who?:: i said none~ * headache*

last thing::Hmm?why did you bother with this survey?:: coz Sulee tag me~ AND FOR FUN~!
Tag 8 people:
- qilah~
- hui zhen~
- ah bong (jenny)

HAHAHA..~ ok.. it was kinda good too~ at least u have the time to think and sort something in ur mind while u r doing this~ hahaha.. i dunno u all la.. but for me yes~ hahah.. take care..~ gtg liao.. i need to sweep and mop the floor liao~ see how good am i~!! hahahaha...

loves and hugz

p/s: yesh~~ my group presentation was over last nite~ cool~ hahaha.. althou there were some technical problems.. but with God's grace.. everything went well~ hahaha..
; 4:35 PM

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

hmmmm.. u guys curious ant how was my first day of teaching?? hahaha.. it was COOL~ haha.. i had fun and 17 cute lil childrens.. some of the kids was really really really smart.. i dun mean others r not smart la.. other is juz ok ok la.. but they r really NOISY and HYPER~!! haha.. they even bully me~ haha.. am i that easily bullied?? i dun think so le.. and these pri 5 kids.. they are like the girls dun like the guys and vice versa.. haha.. even playing quiz.. when the guys r winning.. one of the girls started to cry~ hahaha.. that is the not fun part.. but other than that they were really nice~

haha.. the most funny thing is.. they were trying to guess my age.. haha.. and ask where i come from.. it's like i am the culprit kena catch by the police.. hahaha.. of coz i din tell them my age la.. haha.. they were really friendly..

oh yea.. it's like when they ask me which class i am studying in from pri 1 till form 5.. when i told them.. they r like " wow, lao shi hen chong ming eh" meaning.. i am very smart..~ haha.. me an shuang there lor.. hahah.. smile smile.. haha..

I AM REALLY EXHAUSTED NOW~ haha.. think that i need to play piano in the choir later makes me wanna go to sleep liao.. then the kids' exercises books i haven mark yet.. oh man~ hahaha.. enjoy~ but i really like the feeling when they call me teacher Grace.. haha.. cool le~

teaching was fun~

all da best to u guys oh~

loves and hugz

will update soon..~

p/s: i forgot~ Daniel left today to Australia liao.. we did go to the airport to send him off.. it was sad.. and i told those who r in airport.. when i leave Brunei.. i want many ppl flood Brunei Airport~ hahaha.. so who r viewing my blog now.. dun forget~ winks~
; 2:02 AM

Saturday, January 19, 2008

hahahaha.. i am happy yesterday is that coz my daddy finally bought me a line~ ahhaha.. some of u may like "huh" hahah.. the story is like this.. i was like keep on bugging my dad to buy me a phone.. but he was like wait wait wait.. hahaha.. and in dec.. he can't tahan liao.. then he bought me a phone.. WITHOUT A LINE.. i was like ok.. at least he had a step liao.. who knows.. after one month.. he still haven buy me a line.. hahah.. then i keep bugging him again.. hahaha.. i was like give up in the end.. coz i still can use my mum's phone.. hahaha.. but who knows.. yesterday afater the youth EE.. my sis was being so mysterious to me.. hahaha.. then i force her to tell.. then she still dun wanna tell.. hahaha.. and i guess it out.. hahaha.. so smart le~!! hahaha.. ok.. i was happy.. but it was not a prima line.. its easi.. so u guess how smart my parents is sometime.. hahahahaha.. so.. if u want my new num.. find a way to ask me la.. haha.. i wont type it out in the blog la.. hahaha...

later in the nite.. i went fratini's in bandar there.. farewell for Daniel.. by us teens.. hahaha.. 33 ppl went.. including me.. and u can guess how noisy we were.. and we have a very long table~! a long long long one~ hahaha.. and we need to pay the bill ourselves mah.. hahaha.. then it was like so luan.. and so so so NOISY~! hahaha.. but i had fun~ hahaha.. thank you to aunty Iris and uncle Siong Khai for helping us to settle the bill.. ok.. i think that's all~! hahaha.. so see u guys~!!

Grace's advice for today~: care for ppl arnd u.. but be careful~ dun let ppl make use of ur kindness.. and smile!~! for the earth is still round~!!

loves and hugz

God bless~
; 12:35 AM

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

sometimes.. i really feel very helpless..

JIS or MD??? MD or JIS???

I thought i had settle this matter since early this month.. but yesterday nite.. it pops out again in our family talk.. haha.. i dun know whether.. i am going to get credit in malay.. but i think i can eh?? hehe..

wat i can do now.. is TRUST in the Lord.. pray hard.. then God will lead the way.. seems so helpless but.. God is working.. haha.. pray for me.. ok??

and btw.. i am going to be a tuition teacher somewhere..(can't tell where) hahah.. at least i have experience of teaching now.. wat i am teaching?? hmmm.. every subjects.. cool le.. seems like i am so smart.. of coz la.. coz it's onli pri 5 stuff.. hahaha.. so wish me luck.. start working next week.. hehe.. actually i am a part time one la.. hehe..

take care u guys~! love u all~ and God bless..

loves and hugz
; 11:33 PM

SORRY`~ to the viewers of my blog~ i apologized for my laziness then the stupid comp~ hehehe.. i know 2008 starts liao.. and the last time i blog was on 31st of dec 2007.. hahahaha.. yea yea.. my bad~! haha.. i was quite busy lately with church stuffs then farewell parties.. hahaha.. everybody seems to be leaving now and then.. sad~ coz we r growing up~ ppl have their own path to go and own life to live~ OH WELL... FRIENDS.. they come then leave.. till now.. i still dun like the feeling of seperation.. but.. also must face it la..

hahha.. i was reading thru the letters i received from my friends on the graduation nite.. and i cry AGAIN~! those feelings are like so complicated.. i really miss them all~! everyone of them especially the form 5(2007).. omg~!!! haha.. and form 5 A(2007) too.. everybody la.. miss CHMS.. hahaha.. so dramatic me.. haha.. and also miss all my crazy friends la.. my si dan~! haha.. the times we went crazy in school.. being vain together.. fighting.. screaming.. shouting.. being late to class.. pass notes in class.. go toilet together.. gossipng.. oh man~! i really miss those times. hahaha.. i know we will be seeing each other soon.. coz Jia is back.. haha.. till that time.. i will loso again~!

new year means a new beginning.. and the sad thing is i am 18 this year.. hai~! really sad.. i always lke birthday`! but i think not this year.. hahah.. 2 more year then my age will starts with a 2.. that is more sad~!hahaha.. stop all the sadness.. talk abt something happy.. hmmmm.. i dun think now have le.. Daniel's leaving next week.. then.. i am having headache abt need to take diploma mah?? then.. hmmmm... group presentation in church to be organized.. now for the happy things.. hmmm... too much time for me to waste.. hahah.. i am happy always~!! i think.. hahaha..

that's all for today i think~! it's long enough liao.. oh yea.. Nelly went back to Aust last last week.. and we went Karen's house sleepover with Winnie.. hahaha.. coool~! hahaha.. it was really really fun~!! and for alex, nelly , judy, uc and jane~! my blog is not dead liao.. it's coming alive.. and it's a miracle~!!! yeah~!! hahahaha.. stop all these nonesense.. i gtg liao.. take care u all.. i will be back soon.. i think i haven update abt my thailand trip hor.. hahaha.. photobucket got problem.. i forgot my password liao.. hahahaha.. ooops~!! hahaha.. so pls be patience ah~!! God bless u all..

loves and hugz

; 12:44 AM


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