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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

here goes another day.. study study.. tuition tuition.. I guess we were all moving towards bigger and better things. The schedules are all over the place, kind of scary... the end is near, soon i will be leaving the school that i am familiar with.. leaving all my dearest friends.. continue my journey.. dunnoo wat is going to happen next~ hai~! gonna miss u guys lots.. today's weather is GOOD~! if only we were in school.. by now.. we shud had take lots of vain pictures..~ get out of the class, juz wanna walk in da wind.. haha.. memories~! hhaaha..

here is one othe pic of us being "emo" hahaha...

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tml is my physics prac.. but i am here again.. haha.. i dunno whether i am nervous now or not.. haha.. but oh well.. i just try my best`! God will do the rest~ so see u all~ jia you oh..

loves and hugz
; 8:10 PM

Monday, October 22, 2007

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; 2:19 AM

Thursday, October 18, 2007

yup.. today is my birthday~ 17th.. wow.. the number look big and scary~ haha.. but still i need to thank a lot of ppl for being my companion thruout these yrs.. it's not too long.. but more responsibilities i need to carry~

thank God for guiding me and leading thru these 17 yrs.. happy or sad.. He is there with me~ and thank God I am still alive~

thanks to my parents for feeding me and teaching me all the stuffs i need to know.. be there when i need advices and guidance..and sponsoring me.. haha.. my parents is really GREAT~!

thanks to all my friends~ first.. my 1990's friends(Gabriel and Caroline).. u all r my longest friends in life.. we r friends since we r negative yrs old~! haha.. thank you for everything.. thank you for being a good listener~ haha.. i know i am kinda loso in a way~ haha.. but u both dun mind rite? haha.. coz i am the youngest~ the youngest in 1990's is now 17!!

B-gang~ hhaha.. u girls rock~! i really enjoy the time with u all.. haha.. the crazy moment the sad moment and the time we r vain like wat~ really thank you all for the sweet memories~ hahaha.. especially to susan and karen.. u both help me a lot.. * other b-gang girls help also.. but me and susan sit together in school then karen is the group leader in church, soi will call them more often.. * hehe..

my mei mei charleen~ she is wonderful.. that's all i can say~ our eyes can talk~ haha.. thank you so much~!

sulee~ thank you for ur advices.. haha.. and all the "slapping" haha.. i am awake now~! haha..

friends in church~ thank you for caring and helping me when i am in need~ hahaa.. remember to have devotion everyday oh~

friends in school~ it's u all that i love going to school~
*friends in my class* u all make me so kiasu liao la.. haha.. but then good also.. a motivation for me~!! hahaha.. thank you~ i may be loud in class.. but thank you for listening to me.. haha.. our class production oh.. dun forget~!

*friends in form 5 B and C* u guys make me learn a lot.. haha.. especially winnie and jane~ thank you`! thank you for all the nice memories~! and qeels too~~ * she is in A class* haha.. thank you, qilah`!!

*netball ohana( ex and recent players)* hahaha.. i really love playing netball with u guys~ a team is always a team~! remember to call me when u all wanna play netball.. hahaha.. thank you all for the encouragement.. haha.. we fight together~! haha..

*other friends* hmmm.. althou others onli walk in then walk out from my life.. but leaving ur footsteps behind.. make me feel sweet and touched.. haha.. thank you for being my friend..~

*teachers* haha.. i almost forget the most important ppl.. haha.. if there is no teachers.. i dunno where my knowledge come from.. hahaha.. so thank you~!

to the person who invent blog.. thank you for letting me to have a plce to write~ hahaha..

if i continue like this.. i think tis post will be so so so so long... haha.. everybody is important in my life.. and i really thank you all~!!

being a yr old means that ppl shud grow up..face the reality~ see the world as it is.. althou i still cant take it yet~ * going to* but life is really GREAT~

tis morning 12 am.. caroline is the first one who msg me.. U MADE ME CRIED~ stupid caroline.. hhaha.. y write till so gan dong ah~ haha.. then after that.. a number of ppl msg me.. haha.. thank you for ur greetings.. u all greet me bcoz u care for me~ thanks.. i really appreciate it~ and to cynthia.. thank you for calling me from KL.. i was really shocked when i hear ur voice~ hahaha...

when the clock struck 12.. i felt that my body like got change a bit.. i dunno la.. maybe i think too much liao.. haha.. but ppl grow ma.. dont they? haha.. being a 17 teenager.. means i need to study hard for my olevel~ so sad~ haha.. need to study on my birthday~ haha..

so lastly, i am here now.. proclaim that Grace is officially a 17 yrs old teenager~~! *fireworks*

and again~ THANK YOU~!!

loves and hugz

God bless me and u all too~!
; 7:41 PM

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

hhaha.. i said before that i onli will update my blog after nov 15th.. but since my blog had changed it layout so.. i wanna say something lor.. as u all know me la.. hahaha...

ok~ all credits go to karenie~ hahaha.. i did try to put up the cbox.. but then ah.. i dunno how and y.. i cannot put it up~ haha.. but anyway~ u saved me thou.. haha.. no need to mafan me~ hahaha.. really thank you~ haha.. see i even post for u~ haha..

back to me~
i had my bio prac yesterday~ hmmm.. i think it was ok~ i hope.. hahaa.. still have a long way to go ah~ haha.. headache~ everyday study then tuition.. hahaha.. then eat eat eat lor.. then get fat now.. hahaha.. have to think of a way to slim down fast.. if not ah.. how can i wear the prom dress.. hahaha..

birthday coming soon~ but i dun feel the happiness... haha.. not like last year.. countdown like wat~ hahah.. maybe it's the age.. so not nice~think 17~ i juz dun want to grow up yet~ everything is so nice and ok now.. haha.. :(.. sigh~ so sad~ ( my brother says that i keep on saying so sad nowadays.., even my mum agrees!) haha..

then ah~ gonna graduate soon too.. so sad again~ hahaha.. oops~ will miss everything in chms.. teachers, friends and memories~ hahaha.. i had a lot a lot of fun in chms~ hahah.. but thinking of leaving makes me want to cry AGAIN~ sniff sniff~

sorry for being a emo person~ it's juz i haven get use of growing up~ hahah.. karen bah~ u lor.. pass ur emoness to me.. hhah.. oh well.. who cares.. go and sleep then wake up then will feel better liao~

have to study lor~ hahaa.. u all take care..~ and have a nice day~

loves and hugz
; 7:53 PM

Friday, October 5, 2007

soo soo soory for not updating my life for so long~~ hahaha.. it's all mock's fault!! hahaha.. have to study for o level.. i promise i will update after my o level~ haha.. so that's all for today~ need to take leave for 1 and a half month~ hahaha.. to those who is viewing my profile now.. i will be active only after nov 15.. haha.. see u guys by then~ haha.. jia you, Grace! study hard~ everybody jia you!! love u lots~ I AM GOING TO GRADUATE SOON~ haha..

loves and hugz

take care..

God bless~
; 6:54 AM


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